Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Are They Now - Courtney Guttenberg (Lockwood)

2000 - 2003 Denver Nuggets Dancer Courtney Lockwood has come along way from her days on the court at the Pepsi Center. Her last online dancer bio states:

Years as Nuggets Dancer: 2nd
Favorite Color: Baby blue
Best asset: My dedication
Favorite TV Show: ER

Courtney is a fulltime student who would like to one day be a high school counselor. Some of her interests include snowboarding, reading and writing. Courtney is also a dance instructor specializing in jazz and hip-hop. In the future, she would like to travel and start a family.

Her dedication is definitely her best asset, she started her own dance company, an entertainment company and has the family she always wanted. Most people now know her as Courtney Guttenberg, a brunette and owner of Pure Dance Co. and So Fine Entertainment.

Courtney is no stranger to the stage as she began her dance career at four years old. She began taking classes in California and moved to Colorado in 1992. She continued her training and was an active member of competitive teams up until the age of 17. She has had the oportunity to train with some of the top choreographers in the world. Courtney's professional experience began in 2000 when she became a member of the Denver Nuggets Dancers. She was part of the Denver Nuggets Dancers for three years earning the title of Assistant to the Director in her third year. Currently Courtney is the Director of an Elite Dance Troupe here in Colorado.

Courtney has been teaching since 1998 and knew instantly that was what she was meant to do. She believes there is nothing better than being able to take your passion and share it with others. She has been recognized as a teacher including a featured article in the Hub Newspaper in Littleton, Colorado. Courtney has many strong philosophies about the role and importance of a teacher! A couple ways that Courtney incorporates these into her classes are:

*Developing a curriculum and music content that is age and level appropriate.

*Teaching class sizes that allow her to give one on one attention to each dancer.

So Fine Entertainment provides models and go go dancers for Denver's hottest events. So Fine hit the Denver scene in November of 2007, Courtney quotes on her Facebook page:

"I have taken my love for dance and started my own Entertainment Company in October of 2007, SO FINE ENTERTAINMENT! What is that you ask? My team consists of Go Go Dancers/Models. I have incredible dancers and beautiful women on my team! My mission is to provide talented, classy and professional dance entertainment. I pride myself on recruiting and maintaining those who have the entire package; looks, dance training and drive! You can catch us at local hot spots such as Sutra (12th and Lincoln) and Funky Buddha (8th and Lincoln). I'm always let me know if you are interested!"