Thursday, September 25, 2008

TOP FIVE announced for Ms. Planet Beach Gen-X International competition.

Congratulations to Belles Performance Team Owner/Executive Director and Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Cheerleaders Director Cher Fox on making the FINAL FIVE for the Ms. Planet Beach Gen X competition! She will now have an opportunity to be interviewed through a webinar via the world-wide web during the month of October, then visit the World Finals for Ms. Planet Beach International where the Ms. Gen X will be crowned! Keep in mind, this lucky lady could be CHER walking away with a $12,000 cash modeling contract and a waived $30,000 franchise license fee!

100% of the money raised for the voting during the Gen X competition is being donated to the "Make It Right" Foundation. In an effort to continue raising funds to help rebuild the gulf coast since Hurricane Katrina, they now have Cher and four other Final Five ladies still posted on the website. There will no longer be voting, however, there is still an opportunity for everyone to DONATE funds in Cher's name to the "Make It Right" Foundation. This will NOT have any bearing on her score or the FINAL outcome of the Gen X competition.

Continue to donate on Cher's behalf here.