Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Belles Performance Team Calendar Release Party

The Belles Performance Team is excited to announce the details for their 1st ever calendar release party!

What: Belles Performance Team 2010 Limited Edition Calendar Release Party
When: Sunday, January 10, 2010 from 12:00 - 3:00 PM
Where: Fox and Hound, 5150 East Arapahoe Road, Centennial, CO 80122
Fun: Enjoy free pool, free appetizers, giveaways from calendar sponsors and a live performance by the Belles during the football playoff wildcard games on the Fox and Hound big screens.
Cost: There is no cover to attend the event. Calendars will be sold at a special rate just for this event!

If you are unable to attend this exciting event, calendars will be for sale at additional calendar signing events, various Denver businesses and online. Visit their official website for more details.

DBC on

Rookie Anjuli from Week 15.

And a few more holiday photos we found...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Belles Bring Holiday Cheer to Troops and Families

On December 13, five members of the Belles Performance Team visited the USO at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs to bring holiday cheer to Armed Forces members and their families. The Belles performed a holiday show for a standing room only crowd of over 200 servicemen and women and their families. After the show, the Belles escorted Santa in, who had presents for every child in attendance, distributed their military themed posters and signed autographs for children, servicemen and even wives of currently deployed soldiers.

Owner and Executive Director Cher Fox really appreciated the opportunity to perform at the USO for their 2nd Annual Christmas Party. “Performing at the USO was such an amazing experience and has been a long time goal for the Belles," shares Fox. "We were honored to be asked to perform and everyone in attendance was so appreciative of our time. I was touched when many wives asked us for autographed posters so they could send them to their deployed spouses with the rest of their holiday gifts. Our troops do so much for us and sacrifice every day, their families sacrifice every day they are to take time out of our lives to show them how much we appreciate and support all they do for us was truly our pleasure."

Meet the Denver Nuggets Dancers

Dancing right into our hearts
Credit:Garrett Ellwood Photography

By Matt Farley and Erica Boniface


The Denver Nuggets are getting plenty of attention lately as they give the L.A. Lakers a run for their money in the NBA’s Western Conference. But even as the playoff buzz builds, Metromix’s attention has wandered off the hardwood and landed a little bit closer to the stands (and our hearts). That’s right, sports fans: It’s the Denver Nuggets Dancers.

Because we love you, Metromix tracked the girls down (in a totally non-creepy way) and asked the ice-breaker questions everyone’s dying to know the answers to. Now, if you happen to run into some of the dancers out on the town, you’ll hopefully have something to say besides, “So, you’re a dancer? Uh… that’s cool.” And even if that’s not your game plan, we think you’ll find this gallery educational as well as sexy. Who knew the Denver Nuggets Dancers were secretly into “outgoing nerds” and Chili’s restaurants?

Well, ladies, we’ll have you know that the men of Metromix can be very outgoing. And we love us some Baby Back Ribs…

Select the Metromix link above to

Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010 DBC Pro Bowl Representative: Lindsey Dudley

Congratulations Lindsey!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Former DBC rocks it as a Laker Girl

Former DBC Erica Weston on Sports

Jingle Belle Rock

The Belles Performance Team performed at South West Plaza Mall this weekend to a 2 story standing room only crowd. The Belles were invited by their official dance studio, Allana's Academy of Dance, to participate in 2 holiday performances this season, this past weekend on December 12, and again next weekend on December 19. So if you missed this past weekend's show, catch them next weekend at 3:00 pm at the Community Stage.

Friday, December 11, 2009

2009 Mile High Sports Snow Angels

Denver Nuggets Dancer Nikki Friedin snags the cover.

Denver Nuggets Dancer Chelsea is December's Girl In Your Corner.

AGE: 19
PROFESSION: Denver Nuggets Dancer, Student
SIGN: Virgo


1. Castle Rock is NOT full of hicks. There are a few cowboys, but far more Californians living there.

2. Sometimes people in Tennessee eat rabbits, squirrels or frogs.

3. After an “amazing” date, it’s okay to call a girl that night. But after just a “good” date, it’s better to wait until the next day.

4. Dance-related reality shows are good, but “The Deadliest Catch” is intriguing.

“Nothing against Andrew (Braverman), but never once during our Snow Angels photo shoot did I think about giving him a wet willy. (see page 26)”

Other familiar RMS Blog faces posing as 2009 Snow Angels:

Nikki F. - Current DND
Nicole H. - Current DND
Lauren H. - Current DND and former Wild Bunch Dancer
Leah M. - Current Wild Bunch Dancer and former DND
Stefanie B. - Former DBC and DND and Wild Bunch Dancer
Sara W. - Former DBC and DND
Annette B. - Former DND
Marissa - Current DND
Devyn - Current DND
Krista S. - Current DND
Bridget B. - Current DND
Amanda - Current DND
Miranda - Current DND
Chelsea M. - Current DND
Chalanunda S. - Former DND
Keri G. - Former DND and Rockstarz
Kelsey V. - Former DBC

What a cast! Read the digital issue here.

New Photos of the Rockstarz

Photos by Don Cudney.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MHSM Shane Co. Snow Angels Cover Contest Winner

Congratulations to Nikki Friedin on her selection as this year's Snow Angel cover model! She receives the passing of the torch from her Nuggets Dancers' teammate (and fellow 2009 Snow Angel) Nicole Hurdle who was the cover model for the 2008 issue. Nikki received approximately 32,000 online votes!

Once they publish the magazine online, the RMS Blog will get you more up to date on their fellow Snow Angels (many of whom are familiar RMS Blog faces) and this months' Girl In Your Corner, fellow Nuggets Dancer Chelsea Moore.

Detailed report on the Denver ABDC auditions

A reader who attended the Denver auditions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 sent in a detailed report on the two days of tryouts. It's a marvelous picture of the initial audition and the callbacks (including a challenge involving a prop and cheerleading music), as well as great information on some crews we might see on MTV soon!

"ABDC 5 Auditions in Denver were held at the beautiful facilities of the Colorado Ballet. 8Am on Friday morning dancers started lining up outside in below zero weather. Toes frozen, muscles cramping...not the best start to a long day of dancing. Lucky for the dancers... ABDC had a warm dance studio for them to warm up in and hang out in while they waited to perform for the first set of auditions. There was about 15 crews that participated this weekend."

Click here to read about Electrolytes, BreakEFX, Illmatic Krew, Bandits, Motion Underground, True 2 Form, Rocky Mountain Rockstarz, Boom Unit, The Damsels, the judges (one of whom was a no-show!) and more!

Here's an excerpt from the rest of the write-up on the America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 auditions.

FIRST DAY: Noted Crews were:

The Rocky Mountain Rockstarz also came to audition. Most of the girls danced together with the NBA Nuggets, and have a strong bond between them. Their good looks, and high kicks could get them pretty far... I'm not sure what MTV is looking for this year, but if they want sex appeal, and jazz technique these girls are the way to go.

The day ended as the dancers packed up their things either disappointed and empty handed, or looking very focused, and nervous with a CD of music and their Callback Challenge.Note: the challenge was to use a prop... and the music sounded like it belonged to a high school cheerleading team....eww!!!

DAY TWO: Bright and early back in the studio, interviews were conducted outside in the freezing cold weather, and crews were finishing up the routines they spent the entire night making up for the call backs.

The Rocky Mountain Rockstarz- a pink remote. More Jazz choreography than hip hop this time... cute costumes... the prop confused me.

Shane Sparks arrived that afternoon, as well as Nichelle from We Are Heroes. JC Chasez could not make it. Through the paper thin walls i could hear cheers or tears coming from the teams... It's unsure who they will pick, but I expect you won't see the end of Breakefx, Motion Underground, Electrolytes, The Cloggers, or Boom Unit.

Visit the America's Best Dance Crew blogspot here.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Denver Pro Cheer All Stars Workshop

DATE: Saturday February 6, 2010
LOCATION: Mountainside Fitness-Westminster - N.E. Corner of 120th Ave & Federal Blvd., 2861 W. 120th Ave., Westminster, CO 80234

The Pro Cheer All Stars are comprised of elite alumni dancers from the NFL, NBA and other professional sports leagues. The 2009-2010 Pro Cheer All Stars Workshop Tour gives future pro dancers a leg up on the competition!

You'll get the opportunity to learn from women who have danced on the field and on the court for thousands of fans. Hear their stories and more! Each workshop includes the following activities:

* Hair, makeup and glamour tips
* Audition attire advice
* Fitness and nutrition plans
* Headshot and application training
* Communication practice
* Pro choreography and technique
* Priceless introductions to women in the field
* ... and so much more!

* $40.00 individual pre-registration
* $35.00 individual pre-registration when you bring a friend!
* $50.00 individual registration at the door - cash or credit only

Enter to win gifts from our sponsors!
* BE Cosmetics makeup palette
* Custom-made Zonas Designs audition costume
* Regional discounts with partners in hair, fitness, and services

* Audition tips and choreography from Pro Cheer All Star, Director of the RockStarz, former NFL Cheerleader and NBA Dancer Megan Savage
* Choreography from Kristin Engler, former NBA Dancer and Director of the AFL Colorado Crush
* Special appearances by the RockStarz
* Fitness and nutrition planning from Mountainside Fitness
* Glamour tips
* Makeup discounts with BE Cosmetics, the official makeup artist for NFL, MLS, MLB and multiple professional and college squads
* Attire discounts with Zonas Designs
* ... and more!


Learn more about the Pro Cheer All Stars and Going Pro Entertainment audition coaching services at

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Belles perform in Denver Channel 7 video commercial for Allana's Academy of Dance

Stop by to see why our studio has been voted #1 for 2009 on the BEST Dance Studio in Colorado Contest with The Denver Channel's A*List!

AAD will be taking enrollment for new dancers starting in January! Be sure to come check out our performances at South West Plaza Mall, Littleton CO - on Dec 12th and Dec 19th at 3:00 p.m.

Classes Offered Include:
Toddler Pre-Class * Jazz * Hip Hop * Breakdance * Lyrical * Poms * Ballet * Leaps & Turns * Shimmy Core Belly Dance * Leaps/Turns/Progressions * Stretch & Flexibility * Dancer Tone

Visit Allana's Academy of Dance, the official home of the Belles Performance Team, online here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Denver Nuggets Dancers Smile Over Nuggets Win in Denver

Denver Nuggets Dancers enjoy the Denver Nuggets win over the New Jersey Nets at the Pepsi Center in Denver on November 24, 2009. New Jersey lost to Denver 101-89 and remained winless during the 2009-10 NBA season. UPI/Gary C. Caskey...

Denver Nuggets

The DND have released their own official microsite, complete with bios of all 18 dancers. Select the photo above to visit!