Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crash into the DND

DENVER - OCTOBER 28: Ronnie Brewer #9 of the Utah Jazz picks himself up after crashing into the Denver Nuggets dance team on the baseline as they Jazz face the Nuggets during NBA action at Pepsi Center on October 28, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Belles entertain at LA Boxing Fight Night

LA Boxing of Colorado is the official fitness training facility of The Belles Performance Team. The LA Boxing workout boasts an ultra-calorie burning workout in a fun and engaging atmosphere. The LA Boxing Workout™ has been proven to burn 800-1,000 calories in a single hour workout! As the official performance team of LA Boxing Colorado, the Belles have been performing in the boxing ring at the past 2 fight nights, here are some pictures from the Highlands Ranch Fight Night on Friday, October 16.

The Belles pose with the coveted Fight Night traveling trophy (the BPT's home gym Highlands Ranch won it!)

The Belles meet Brendan Schaub of Spike TV's Ultimate Fighter 10.

Performing "Please Don't Stop the Music".

Performing the USO themed "Candyman".

The Belles wish Coach Rolando a Happy Birthday!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nuggets Dancers Pre-Season

Amanda - 1st Year
Bridget - 2nd Year
Chelsea - 1st Year
Devyn - 2nd Year
Elyssa - 1st Year
Jacqlyn - 2nd Year
Jana - 1st Year
Jen - 1st Year
Kali - 1st Year
Katie - 1st Year
Kerry - 2nd Year
Krista - 2nd Year
Kristin - 2nd Year
Lauren - 2nd Year
Marissa - 1st Year
Miranda - 1st Year
Nicole - 4th Year
Nikki - 2nd Year

2009-10 Colorado Eagles Dance Team

Front Row (Left to Right): Janine, Sadie, Stacey, Amy, Alicia
Back Row: Lyndsey, Annie, Bethany, Trisha, Alyssa, Katheryn, Kimberly, Laura
Not pictured: Lisa Kennedy (manager)

Individual pictures and profiles are also posted. Visit the Chicks here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Through The Eyes Of...Lauren Gardner: Not Just Another Pretty Denver Face

By Todd Civin,

I confess. Despite being the most happily married man this side of the Rockies, I'm still a sucker for a pretty face. My wife Kate, allows me to look at the menu as long as I promise not to eat from the buffet. And I promise faithfully. Not so much as even a light snack.

So, when I saw that Lauren Gardner had joined the Linked-in group, A Glove of Their Own, I approached her to do a story before the ink even cooled. I was familiar with Lauren after seeing her cheer for the Denver Broncos in 2007 and remember her as a woman amongst girls.

No offense to the other members of the squad, but Lauren's flaming red hair, flying crazy against the sea of orange and blue was a sight that few of the 70,000 plus football-hungry males at Invesco Field could ever forget.

Blessed with flowing red locks, a gorgeous white toothie smile, and abs that a forty something like me would die for, Lauren registers on the smoking scale somewhere slightly north of "mucho caliente."

I asked Lauren, if she would be interested in being the latest subject of my weekly column, Through The Eyes of....My thought being that I could present would-be readers with the sideline perspective of the game through the eyes of the NFL cheerleader.

Much to my disappointment and the suspected disappointment of those 70,000 rabid fans, Lauren is no longer a Bronco cheerleader, but remains Denver's "Queen of the Sports Air Waves" in her multiple roles as the In-Game Host at the Colorado Rockies, as well as, an on-air personality at Altitude Sports and Entertainment for the Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse Team and the Colorado Eagles of the Central Hockey League.

In her spare time (say what?) she works full-time as a real estate sales assistant for the Spire Denver.

Lauren was nice enough to spend some time with me on the "other side of the microphone" and clearly proves to the readers that she is more than just another pretty face in this week's segment of "Through The Eyes of...Lauren Gardner...Not Just Another Pretty Face.

Civ: You originally went by the name Mile High Sports Betty. How did this come about and do you still use it?

Lauren: Ha ha….Oh that brings back memories. Mile High Sports Betty was a term coined by the publishers over at Mile High Sports when I began doing a TV segment for their show on Altitude. I would go around town checking out different places and events.

It was the first time I’d ever done anything on TV. I remember the very first segment was at the Stock Show and I had bought a new outfit and was so excited only to have it completely ruined by all of the dirt and manure. I have had many nicknames and still do, but that one never really stuck.

Civ: You are the in game host for the Rockies. Is there anyone you interviewed who made your knees weak?

Lauren: Unfortunately, as in game host, I only interviewed fans. They are all so interesting and it was so much fun to be in the stands and mingling with the people that make the sport so great.

My most memorable fan interview was Todd Helton’s number one fan who brings a giant Helton sign to every game and knows everything about him. However, when I worked for Champ Car, (a race car series that is now merged with the INDY Car series), I was lucky enough to interview Mario Andretti. He was driving the two-seater F1 car and was as nice as can be, although I was surprised at how little he is.

Civ: Do you go in the locker room or strictly baselines, benches, and bleacher interviews?

Lauren: When I work the sidelines for the Mammoth and the Eagles, (not the football team), I stay rinkside and outside of the dressing rooms. For the Mammoth, they allow me bench access for interviews during the games, which is incredible, and it gives the viewer the feel for the emotion of that very moment!

Civ: Should women reporters be allowed in the locker room? Would you blush?

Lauren: I feel that’s a decision for both the team and the reporter. It really depends on the situation. I have been in the teams that I cover locker rooms and keep my eyes straight ahead and go about my business. It’s strictly professional and both parties have always acted as such.

Civ: You are very polished on air despite your relative youth. Is this the result of your college work and education?

Lauren: Well, thank you. Sometimes I feel like I sound like an absolute mess, but try my best to be articulate and composed. I realize I’m quite young, but I don’t feel it’s an excuse to speak like a surfer or a valley girl.

I do think that studying Political Science in college was a great way to hone reading, writing and verbal skills, as well as, analytical thinking. Growing up, I was always that kid that would read on the playground and loved English class. I was such a nerd!

Civ: How did you decide to enter this field and what are your long term goals?

Lauren: I studied Political Science in college and had plans of going to law school. Playing softball was a very significant part of my life growing up as I am extremely competitive and there’s nothing like the feeling of leaving everything you have out on the diamond (the softball diamond in my case). My family and I would always go to sporting events and watch them on TV.

My sophomore year in college, I ended up with an internship at Mile High Sports and later at FSN Rocky Mountain. It was then and there that I decided that I love the excitement of the industry and that I wanted to try and make it in sports broadcasting. I’m definitely at the stage of trying to get my foot in the door and I’m loving every minute of it!

My ultimate goal is to be on a big network covering the most exciting games.

Civ: In addition to the Rockies you work for Altitude Sports covering the Mammoth and the Eagles, how does your role differ covering lax, hockey, or baseball?

Lauren: My role with the Mammoth and the Eagles is much different than with the Rockies. I work in the in-game entertainment department for the Rockies and get to host different contests with the fans on the big screen. It’s a lot of fun and I can really relax and have a good time.

My true passion is what I do on the sidelines with the Eagles and the Mammoth. I am able to be right in the mix and get inside stories about what’s going on, as well as, interviews. I enjoy the challenge of live television and radio…you never know what’s going to happen and you have to be quick on your feet.

Civ: You were a former Bronco cheerleader and rated as many as the Cheerleading Rookie of the Year in 2007. How did that make you feel?

Lauren: It was really honoring to be recognized, but it’s all really subjective. I guess I’ve always grown up as a tomboy and don’t see myself as much of a girly girl, but when the time comes, it’s fun to play dress up and embrace my femininity. Really, I see myself as a huge dork that laughs at my own jokes and forgets to shower sometimes.

I had a great time cheering for the team that I grew up idolizing and watching. The best part about the experience was the friendships I made and being part of an organization that is so involved with the community.

Civ: Who was the coolest player you met as a Bronco cheerleader? Did you date any players?

Lauren: I would have to say the coolest player I met was John Elway. John Lynch is also one of the greats I met as well. Him and his wife are very nice and are active in their foundation. I never dated any of the players and never had any interest.

Civ: How did you become more than just a pretty face?

Lauren: That’s so flattering to be called pretty. I still blush when people say that. In all seriousness, it is hard to separate yourself from that stereotype when we live in the world that we do. Everybody uses the tools that they’ve been given and I’m using mine.

If I had it my way, I’d be an extremely athletic guy and would be able to fulfill my dream of playing baseball for a living. That’s not the case and I’m trying to do the next best thing, which is get as close to the excitement as possible.

I have a very long way to go and I know that I am where I am today is by being very persistent and working hard. I remember when I wanted to intern at FSN, I had to call them six times before they even got back to me.

Civ: You were named Miss Hot Rod or something like that...cooler than an ESPY or not?

Lauren: LOL. An ESPY is certainly a huge honor….depending on what you’re awarded for. I was actually, The Face of Champ Car, abbreviated as FOCC, (I always thought that was kind of funny). As cheesy as the entire thing was, it gave me the opportunity to travel all over North America and meet some really great people from around the world. I grew up as a gear head of sorts going to car shows and races with my dad and watching open wheel racing on TV.

When I had the chance to be in the middle of it all…well, I couldn’t pass it up.

The experience was great! As the ambassador, I gave tours of the paddock to fans and told them all about the cars, the drivers and the series. It was nice to show people that I really knew what I was talking about and it was great to improve on my public speaking skills.

There were also a lot of public appearances…especially in Mexico City. There were billboards with my face on it! It was hilarious! The coolest part of the entire thing was riding in the Formula One two-seater in Long Beach, (I’ve been sky diving and I have to say this was even more exciting than that!).

Civ: Did you ever feel that 60,000 screaming Bronco fans may have been distracted from the game when you cheered?

Lauren: I’m not sure. I would dance my heart out in hopes of entertaining everyone. So….my final answer is: I hope so.

Civ: What does your daily menu entail?

Lauren: Honestly, I try and eat as healthy as possible when I can and have the will power to. That means lean proteins, salads, and whole grains…light on the sodium. When it comes to pizza, all bets are off. I love pizza, Mexican food and my biggest weakness of all are cupcakes.

There’s a place by my office that has the best cupcakes on the planet. I even stalk their website on a daily basis to look at the pictures and see what flavors they are featuring that day (that’s completely normal, right?).

Civ: How many sit ups do you do a day to keep your abs that toned?

Lauren: Oh man! I have to say that I do spend my fair share of time in the gym. I enjoy being physically fit and I have a lot more energy when I’m working out on a regular basis. When I cheered for the Mammoth and the Broncos, the uniform was great motivation to stay in shape.

Now that I’m retired, (that makes me sound so old!! ), I am training for a mini triathlon. It’s definitely a challenge, but I’m having a lot of fun pushing myself.

Civ: Did you win prom queen in your high school? Any awards?

Lauren: I was nominated for homecoming queen my freshman year in high school, but ended up losing. My team-mates voted me as captain as the dance team and the softball team in high school.

I also won outstanding athlete, academic award, (I don’t know where they come up with this stuff), as well as, first team all conference and all region in softball my Senior year (I think I was most proud of those). They were all character building experiences.

Civ: You went to University of Colorado Boulder. I assume you cheered there. Were you a sorority girl? Was there hazing?

Lauren: A lot of people assume both of those things, however, I didn’t do either. I began cheering for the Colorado Mammoth my sophomore year and never ended up joining a sorority. In high school, we would toilet paper all of the freshman’s houses on the softball team….is that considered hazing?

Civ: What are your favorite movie...Favorite food...Favorite TV show... ?

Lauren: Movie: tie between Anchorman, Caddy Shack, and Pulp Fiction.
Food: Pizza and Cupcakes (from Happy Cakes)
TV Show: Sex and the City, Seinfeld, and Family Guy

Civ: You are a member of the Linked in group, A Glove of Their Own..have you read the book yet and would it embarrass you if we named you the A Glove of Their Own cheerleader?

Lauren: I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t read the book, but have fully intended on doing so. I would be honored to be named the A Glove of Their Own cheerleader!

Civ: You do a lot of charity work, tell us about what you're involved in?

Lauren: Growing up, my family has made it a point for us to give back. Whether it was as simple as sponsoring a child on Christmas to taking on a big project. While cheering for the Broncos, we collectively contributed 1,200 hours to charity a year.

Last season we worked with Habitat for Humanity and we actually went out and built houses. I never knew I would be capable of operating a circular saw until then. The year before we raised $50,000 dollars in the name of one of the alumni that is a breast cancer survivor.

The best experience that I’ve ever had while giving back was when my mom and I traveled to Ecuador for two weeks to work in a school for disabled and impoverished children. I was nervous at first because I have never worked with disabled children, but it ended up being the best experience I’ve ever had. I want to go back when I can raise the money. TC

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New Photo and Video from the Venom Vixens

2010 Rockstarz Announced

Congratulations to the 2010 Rockstarz...

Lorin O'Toole, Stephanie Cary, Carli Bernardini, Megan Savage, Heidi Bosk, Kristen Holleyman, Tai Anderson, Taylor Peters, Jessica Villa, Amanda Bucher, Becky Hamm - alternate

The 2010 Rockstarz Staff:

Kristin Engler Brooks (KE) - Founder
Josh Rael - Ardent Works Entertainment/Event Promotions
Kim Spuhler - Ardent Works Entertainment/Web Design
Sarah Schachterle - Choreographer
Megan Savage - Director

Catch up with the Rockstarz at 3 amazing performances on October 31, Irresistibly Wicked. For ONE NIGHT ONLY, the Denver Center unleashes its most unique celebration...a Halloween event with captivating music, cash prozes, incredible decor, dancing and delicious food - all set in a spectacular night club environment.

Visit here for tickets.

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Meet the New Ultimate SPIKE Girl!

Source: Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup LLC

The competition was fierce, but the Search for the Ultimate SPIKE Girl is over. It started with hundreds of hotties and ends with the top contenders battling it out for the greatest honor any chick could hope to get.

Meet Renee Herlocker. Renee loves football and is infatuated with the Denver Broncos. She was raised in a household that “literally bleeds orange and blue.” Growing up she says “The Three Amigos” (Ricky Nattiel, Mark Jackson, and Vance Johnson) were her favorite players. Renee’s world was rocked when she had the opportunity to become a Denver Broncos cheerleader.

The Aurora, Colorado native’s mother also cheered for the Broncos, making them the first mother-daughter combo to cheer for the team. The 28-year-old went on to cheer for Denver for six years, becoming one of the best-known cheerleaders on the squad. Renee says the highlight of her cheering career was watching and cheering on her beloved team in the 2005 AFC Championship game at Mile High Stadium.

As the official correspondent for, Renee will be hosting events and red carpet coverage for the next year, starting with Scream 2009 on Tuesday, October 27th!

Follow Renee on Twitter!

Follow Renee through the search on Spike TV.

Ex-Broncos cheerleader is Ultimate Spike Girl

By Michael Roberts in Media, Sports, Television & FilmFri., Oct. 9 2009 @ 9:32AM

Spike TV markets itself as television for dudes -- horny dudes, presumably. No wonder the net has just-completed a search for the "Ultimate Spike Girl," a babe who embodies every male fantasy and is willing to parade her assets around for fans of erections and hand lotion everywhere.

And your winner? Denver's own Renee Herlocker, a former Broncos cheerleader (from 2000 to 2006) and Mile High Sports personality whose willingness to bend over pool tables has definitely paid off. "The prize was a year contract with Spike," she says. "I'm basically their new correspondent-host" -- a gig she earned shortly after filming a featured spot in an upcoming movie that's generating a little bit of interest: Iron Man 2. Look below to learn more about that, and to peruse more photos of Herlocker showing off her acreage.

Iron Man 2 "was a really fun project," Herlocker says, explaining that "I'm actually in the opening of the movie. The lead character, Tony Stark [played by Robert Downey Jr.] has a cast of professional superhero cheerleaders called the Ironettes, and I'm one of them."

In addition to strutting her stuff, Herlocker says she was originally scheduled to speak a line or two prior to Downey delivering a big speech to a convention crowd. Problem is, he was having problems memorizing all the dialogue, so the sequence was cut down in length, and her speaking part wound up being scrapped as well. "It's all good, though," she says -- and she praises Downey, who was on set for one of the three days she spent shooting in L.A., as "a really good guy."

Immediately afterward, Herlocker heard through a casting company that Spike was holding a cattle call in L.A. as part of its Ultimate search. So she headed to Santa Monica, where she memorized a short passage and shared it on camera, then answered a few questions about herself. "They were looking for a girl who likes to go out, get dressed up and put on makeup, but also likes to hang with the guys," she says. "And I truly am that girl. I'm a girlie-girl at heart, but I'm also kind of a tomboy who's always loved sports, and that's what they really honed in on -- the sports involvement."

After that, silence for two months -- at which point she was informed that she'd made the top fifty. Spike flew her out West for another series of interviews; turns out she was the only contestant from the hinterlands. The resulting video was posted to Spike's website, with visitors encouraged to vote for their favorites with an eye toward trimming the fifty to eight finalists. And given the photo below, it's hardly shocking that Herlocker advanced to the next round.

The top eight subsequently gathered at the House of Blues in Los Angeles for a televised special hosted by former WWE girl Stacy Keibler, with a panel of judges made up of various Spike personalities: Alan Ritchson, Sam Jones III and Darin Brooks of the forthcoming series BlueMountainState, and Will Greenberg, known as the Food Dude."

Herlocker says "the judges asked us questions, just to see more of our personality, to see if we knew anything about pop culture and sports -- whether we were really a guy's girl." In other words, the kinds of things emphasized on her Spike Girl page, which offers these "quick facts" about her:

• A big fan of drinking games

• Not high maintenance

• Loves sarcastic guys

• Hosted a TV sports show in Denver

• Knows sign language

In addition, "they showed videos of us, which was cool, because they came out to Colorado and filmed me at home and at places like Red Rocks," Herlocker goes on. "That was great, to show viewers a little bit of Colorado. And then they narrowed it down from eight to four to three to two -- and then to one, of course."

​The finale aired on October 1 (it can be viewed by clicking here) -- and Herlocker soon learned about her initial Spike Girl assignment. "My first job is October 17. I'll be hosting the red carpet for the 2009 Scream Awards that Spike is airing," she says. "And I'll also do a lot of other hosting -- hosting launch parties for new video games, going to movie premieres, interviewing celebrities. It'll be a ton of great stuff that's going to be seen on Spike TV and"

As a result, she'll be on the road a lot, and although she says she loves traveling, she concedes that a move to Los Angeles may be in her future. "There'll be a lot more opportunities there, especially if something comes up at the last minute.

"Spike has been great," she continues. "They've been so supportive of me and my career, and they want me to be involved in other things to build my brand."

And to appear on TV wearing clothes. Maybe.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Allana's Academy of Dance Releases New Website

Allana's Academy of Dance, the Denver Channel 7's A-List winner for 2009 Best Dance Studio and Home of the Belles Performance Team, released an official website this week.

Join their Email List, meet the Instructors, read Customer Testimonials, and learn about exciting new Job Opportunities.

Visit Allana's Academy of Dance online here.

Going Pro Entertainment

Going Pro Entertainment is the premier resource for professional cheerleading and dance services. They are former pro dancers from across the United States, representing all sports leagues. Their mission is to provide consulting and business services to further the success of future, current and former professional cheerleaders, dancers and teams.

GPE’s three areas of focus are Audition Coaching, Team Consulting, and Alumni Talent Management. They are proud to represent the Pro Cheer All Stars 2009-2010 U.S. Tour including regional workshops and Super Bowl appearances in Miami.

Denver's very own Megan Savage (Dream Project, Rockstarz and Nuggets Dancer) is the Denver area Pro Cheer All Star Audition Consultant.

The Pro Cheer All Stars Workshop Tour will be coming to Denver in January/February 2010. Ticket prices will be $40.00. The 2009-2010 Pro Cheer All Stars Workshop Tour gives future pro dancers a leg up on the competition!

You'll get the opportunity to learn from women who have danced on the field and on the court for thousands of fans. Hear their stories and more! Each workshop includes the following activities:

Hair, makeup and glamour tips
Audition attire advice
Fitness and nutrition plans
Headshot and application training
Communication practice
Pro choreography and technique
Priceless introductions to women in the field
... and so much more!

Visit Going Pro Entertainment online here.

More DBC Retro

If you couldn't get enough of the Brown and Gold, a fan has posted a bunch of photos on Flickr. Click here to enjoy!

Those poms are huge!

Eagle Chicks supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thanks to Chick Sadie Richardson for this pre-season game photo!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More on the Broncos Cheerleaders’ retro look

October 13th, 2009
By Sasha,

I’ve been busting my hump, looking for photos of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders from yesterday’s game. Ultimately, I managed to scrounge up a few photos that aren’t great, but are good enough for these five minutes.

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I feel like I’ve been cheated, dang it! This was a perfect opportunity for some major throwback fabulosity. Instead, what we have here is a brown skirt, a yellow jacket, and white sneakers. The overall effect was somewhat underwhelming.

No headbands. No sequins. No legwarmers.
No bow-ties, leotards, or funny hats.
None of the elements that really put the “fab” in retro-fabulous.

You’d think the guys could have spared a couple pairs of socks, at least.


Thankfully, I just came across an old episode of Mork & Mindy, where Mork becomes a member of the Denver Broncos Pony Express. That made me feel better, even though the show is absolutely dreadful. (This is one sitcom that did not stand the test of time. Robin Williams is darn near unwatchable.) Fortunately, the cheerleaders really brought it, coming through with the shiny, the sequins, the fringe, and the most awesome pair of gauntlets ever worn by (wo)man. They even had a live pony. Who could ask for anything more?

Watch and enjoy.

Lucid...A Dream Project

Tickets are going fast!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nuggets Dancers in China

Thanks to dancer Bridget Black for the photos!

$20,000 Raised at Inaugural Race!!

Inaugural Charity Race (to Keep Kids on Track) and Denver Broncos Cheerleaders 2010 Calendar Release raised $20,000 for Denver at-risk youth programs. Check presentation will take place on November 22, 2009 during the Denver Broncos v. San Diego Chargers game. Thank you to all who supported the event, we hope to see you again next year!

Where are they Now - Robin Schaefer

Lethal Legs with Robin Schaefer
By Mike Falcon, Max Muscle

Fitness competitor and model Robin Schaefer is definitely a woman on the way up! The 5’6" 120-pound former Denver Broncos cheerleader took 5th in the 2000 Fitness America Pageant. In the same contest a year earlier --- her first fitness competition ever --- Robin finished 10th. In between she earned a 7th place showing at Miss Fitness Universe.

Although Robin says, "I have a lot of trouble putting on muscle," the consensus is that her legs are pretty much perfect.

These 4 exercises form the basis of her leg routine. "I can add additional movements to work on some specific strength goals, or to change size or shape," she says, "but these work well." For overall shaping and the type of explosive strength needed by fitness competitors, try these fabulous 4:

Plyometric bench side jumps

"This works virtually every part of the legs," says Robin, "and builds power and explosive strength. Because of this, it’s pretty much a staple with me for helping in my fitness routines." From the Los Angeles Lakers to local recreation centers, plyometric training, particularly this movement, is huge.

Standing adjacent to a bench (start with a low one) bend your knees into a half-crouch and jump onto the bench from the side. As you hit the top of the bench, crouch quickly without hesitating and jump to the other side. Immediately crouch again, and repeat the process from this opposite side. This constitutes one repetition. Robin does 4 sets of 20 reps, but if this is new to you, 2 sets of 10 reps should be more than enough.

"Stay tight during the entire exercise," suggests Robin. "Keep your arms close to your body and don’t let them flail to the outside."

Seated calf raises

Great for shaping the calves and building lower leg jumping strength, seated calf raises are almost self-explanatory. "I try and go heavy here to build strength in the smaller lower leg muscles," explains Robin, who does 3 sets of 15 reps after warm-ups. She emphasizes that you should come all the way up on your toes, hold and squeeze the muscle for a moment, and then slowly allow the heel to come as far down as it may for a full calf stretch before pausing again and starting the lift again.

Dumbell squats

This looks easy, but these overall thigh developers are done as giant sets: Robin does 5 reps with 8-pound dumbbells, then grabs the 10-pounders without stopping, and goes through 12s and 15s, for a total of 20 reps in one giant set. "The weights have to be right at your side and you can’t let your muscles rest by carefully putting the weights back until the end of the giant set," explains Schaefer, who does 3 or 4 giant sets this way.

Robin emphasizes that you should not come below a 90-degree angle, formed by your upper and lower legs, in this movement. "Make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart and when you come down your glutes should push backwards. Always do this in a very slow and controlled manner so you get the most out of it and always pay attention to your form."

Straight-legged dead lifts

"The most important thing in this exercise is to make sure that your hamstrings and glutes get real involved in this lift, which also works your lower back and inner thighs, and that your biceps do not," says Robin. Toward that end, Robin usually uses a thumbs-over grip, rather than keeping the thumb and fingers in opposed position. Note that Robin’s back stays straight throughout the exercise, and that she keeps a slight bend in her knees to help deter excessive stress on the lower back. In order to get a full range of motion Robin has to stand on a block or platform so that her hands are able to come down to what would be "floor" level.

Schaefer usually does 3 sets of 15 reps of this movement.

Broncos Go Old School

October 11, 2009
by Sasha,

This was the weekend for the Denver Broncos to play in their brown and yellow throwback uniforms from the 1960s. The cheerleaders will also expected to don the old colors for the game. However, I doubt they will take it back to the 60s.

A brief history lesson:
The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders as you see them today are the third incarnation of that sideline entertainment group. Back in the 60s, it was the Broncos Belles, and in the 70s, it was the Pony Express. I know zilch about the Broncos Belle, except that they existed. I sure wish I had a photo or two. I know almost zilch about the Pony Express. For all of my searching, I have uncovered only 4-5. The Pony Express existed for 3 years, and their demise was caused by some kind of scandal involving 3 or 4 members of the team and may or may not have had something to do with illicit drugs.

(Not to sound preachy, but here is another example why NFL Cheerleaders’ behavior must be exemplary in all ways. It only takes a couple of girls on one team to screw it up, not only for their team, but also for the other dance team in the league. Gee, thanks girls. But of course, I am preaching to the choir, so enough about that.)

After the Pony Express went bye-bye the Broncos were cheerleader-less for over a decade. Finally, in the 90s, the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders were reborn in the form that we see them today. They are talented, all-American, and the reputation is above reproach.

Getting back to my point, the DBC were to have been sporting the throwback threads this weekend. I have no I idea what that will look like. As I wait impatiently for photographs, (Why the heck are there so few gameday photos of the DBC on Or anywhere else, for that matter?), I must tip my hat to the Denver Broncos themselves, for sporting these uber-attractive uniforms on the field. God bless their stripey little hearts.

More DBC on

Veteran Nicole Moore.

Rookie Lindy Koucky.

Rookie Lauren Giangregorio.

Veteran Christina Connolly.

Rookie Candace Wilson.

Veteran Rebecca Bolan.

Veteran Romi Bean.

Veteran Kim Hidalgo.

Veteran Nicole Moore.

Veteran Nicole Moore.

Rookie Anjuli Rodriguez.

Veteran Christine Connolly.

Rookie Candace Wilson.