Thursday, October 15, 2009

Going Pro Entertainment

Going Pro Entertainment is the premier resource for professional cheerleading and dance services. They are former pro dancers from across the United States, representing all sports leagues. Their mission is to provide consulting and business services to further the success of future, current and former professional cheerleaders, dancers and teams.

GPE’s three areas of focus are Audition Coaching, Team Consulting, and Alumni Talent Management. They are proud to represent the Pro Cheer All Stars 2009-2010 U.S. Tour including regional workshops and Super Bowl appearances in Miami.

Denver's very own Megan Savage (Dream Project, Rockstarz and Nuggets Dancer) is the Denver area Pro Cheer All Star Audition Consultant.

The Pro Cheer All Stars Workshop Tour will be coming to Denver in January/February 2010. Ticket prices will be $40.00. The 2009-2010 Pro Cheer All Stars Workshop Tour gives future pro dancers a leg up on the competition!

You'll get the opportunity to learn from women who have danced on the field and on the court for thousands of fans. Hear their stories and more! Each workshop includes the following activities:

Hair, makeup and glamour tips
Audition attire advice
Fitness and nutrition plans
Headshot and application training
Communication practice
Pro choreography and technique
Priceless introductions to women in the field
... and so much more!

Visit Going Pro Entertainment online here.