Thursday, March 29, 2012

Colorado Icicles 2012 Team Photo

AKD 2012 Sports Model Search Winner is Toni Damico, Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

Schertz, TX. March 26, 2012 - Angela King Designs has announced Denver resident Toni Damico as the 2012 face of AKD and Go Wild! Wear. Nearly 200 women from across the United States and Canada submitted photographs and applications. Contestants represented cheerleaders and dancers from many colleges, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, lacrosse, roller hockey, arena football and other sports.

62 semifinalists were selected based on Facebook voting, with over 11,000 votes registering in less than five days. A panel of celebrity judges narrowed selections to 32 finalists, who submitted videos about why they should be the next face of the AKD brand.

The judges selected the National Top 10, including Alanna-San Antonio Spurs, Angela-Tennessee Titans, Carol-Kansas City Chiefs, Faren-Boston Celtics, Kari-Kansas City Chiefs, Karielle-University of Missouri, Melissa Z-Atlanta Falcons, Rachael-Purdue University, and Stephanie Jill-New York Islanders. The Top 10 winners received prize packages from i.e. Culture jewelry and Mueller Sports, as well as $150.00 in Go Wild! Wear performance, fitness or swimwear.

After much anticipation, Angela King Designs announced Toni Damico as the 2012 Sports Model Search Winner and new face of AKD and Go Wild! Wear. Toni graduated from the University of Minnesota before relocating to Denver in 2011.

"It was a tough decision, and it came right down to the wire! The judges - our entertainment industry pros - reviewed applications, photos and videos VERY closely to arrive at their selection. We congratulate our winner!" said Angela King-Twitero, President, Angela King Designs and Go Wild! Wear.

Toni's finalist video stated, "I would be honored to represent this quality brand. It is so important to feel confident in your uniform, and in my rookie year as a DBC (Denver Broncos Cheerleader), I appreciated the quality, fit and shape the AKD uniforms gave to our entire team."

Toni will be flown to San Antonio in June 2012 to appear in the Go Wild! Wear collection photo shoot. She will receive $500.00 in merchandise. The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders will receive Go Wild! Wear practice attire.

"The contest for the new face of AKD was both fun to be a part of and impressive to observe. The quantity and quality of the women who entered was in direct correlation to the excellence of the AKD brand," according to one judge Fred Gaudelli, Producer, Sunday Night Football, NBC Sports. "From a costume design perspective, AKD knows the cheerleading and fitness business better than anyone. Listening to the contestants rave about the AKD products made it quite clear what a great reputation AKD has with its constituency. Congratulations to the winner."

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 Colorado Ice Icicles

Chelsea JonesKelsey ReddMichelle HenryMelissa Seng
Jennifer CabralHeather JonesAshley SchleigerMandi Sathers

Visit the Icicles online and read their bios here.

2012 Denver Broncos Cheerleader Auditions begin Sunday April 15, 2012!

Letter from Teresa Shear, Director of Cheerleaders:
Yes, it is that time of year again! Auditions are right around the corner and I wanted to fill everyone in on the details for 2012 as well as dates, times, workshops and everything you will need to know to prepare you to have the best audition possible.

For 2012, the audition will select 26 members to the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and select 10 women to the Denver Outlaws Dance Team. The Outlaws Dance Team is open to women ages 18 and up. Both teams will be selected from the finalists from the audition process. The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders will only select women 21 and up by the deadlines listed on the audition application.

The process will be very similar to last season's audition. Our preliminary round will consist of a short combination (4 eight counts) of basic dance technique. A turn, a leap, right and left kicks and simple choreography will be taught on the spot and participants will perform that combination for the judges in groups of three. After all participants have performed, 100 participants will be selected to move on that day to the Semi-Finals.

During the Semi-Final round, the participants will be taught a routine very similar to routines performed on game day by the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. Again, the choreography will be taught on the spot and the semi-finalists will perform in groups of 3 for our panel of judges. The field will be narrowed down to 60-70 women who will be our finalists for both the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and the Denver Outlaws.

Finalists will be evaluated over the next week in a series of workshops on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Finalists will be interviewed, tested on football knowledge, judged on work ethic during rehearsals and observed on interaction with the other finalists during the process.

Don't miss our audition workshop on Saturday, March 24th. This workshop will give you inside information from former Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and the women that run the DBC program.

We are excited to once again open up our final night of Auditions to the public. Last year we hosted a sold out crowd of 500 and this year we expect the turn out to be even larger so buy your tickets early. The evening is full of entertainment, from the opening group number, to the beautiful kickline sequence, solos by the finalists, performances in groups of 3 on more technical choreography, and a final performance by the new 2012 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. It is a fun night for all ages!

Please click on the links below for dates, times and more information(PDF) on 2012 Denver Broncos Cheerleader and Denver Outlaws Auditions!

Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.


Teresa Shear
Director of Cheerleaders & Game Day Entertainment

Click here (PDF) to download the information for auditions - dates, times, directions and more!

Click here (PDF) to download a 2012 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders/Denver Outlaws application.

Click here (PDF) to download a 2012 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders/Denver Outlaws audition workshop application.