Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Detailed report on the Denver ABDC auditions

A reader who attended the Denver auditions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 sent in a detailed report on the two days of tryouts. It's a marvelous picture of the initial audition and the callbacks (including a challenge involving a prop and cheerleading music), as well as great information on some crews we might see on MTV soon!

"ABDC 5 Auditions in Denver were held at the beautiful facilities of the Colorado Ballet. 8Am on Friday morning dancers started lining up outside in below zero weather. Toes frozen, muscles cramping...not the best start to a long day of dancing. Lucky for the dancers... ABDC had a warm dance studio for them to warm up in and hang out in while they waited to perform for the first set of auditions. There was about 15 crews that participated this weekend."

Click here to read about Electrolytes, BreakEFX, Illmatic Krew, Bandits, Motion Underground, True 2 Form, Rocky Mountain Rockstarz, Boom Unit, The Damsels, the judges (one of whom was a no-show!) and more!

Here's an excerpt from the rest of the write-up on the America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 auditions.

FIRST DAY: Noted Crews were:

The Rocky Mountain Rockstarz also came to audition. Most of the girls danced together with the NBA Nuggets, and have a strong bond between them. Their good looks, and high kicks could get them pretty far... I'm not sure what MTV is looking for this year, but if they want sex appeal, and jazz technique these girls are the way to go.

The day ended as the dancers packed up their things either disappointed and empty handed, or looking very focused, and nervous with a CD of music and their Callback Challenge.Note: the challenge was to use a prop... and the music sounded like it belonged to a high school cheerleading team....eww!!!

DAY TWO: Bright and early back in the studio, interviews were conducted outside in the freezing cold weather, and crews were finishing up the routines they spent the entire night making up for the call backs.

The Rocky Mountain Rockstarz- a pink remote. More Jazz choreography than hip hop this time... cute costumes... the prop confused me.

Shane Sparks arrived that afternoon, as well as Nichelle from We Are Heroes. JC Chasez could not make it. Through the paper thin walls i could hear cheers or tears coming from the teams... It's unsure who they will pick, but I expect you won't see the end of Breakefx, Motion Underground, Electrolytes, The Cloggers, or Boom Unit.

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