Friday, December 11, 2009

2009 Mile High Sports Snow Angels

Denver Nuggets Dancer Nikki Friedin snags the cover.

Denver Nuggets Dancer Chelsea is December's Girl In Your Corner.

AGE: 19
PROFESSION: Denver Nuggets Dancer, Student
SIGN: Virgo


1. Castle Rock is NOT full of hicks. There are a few cowboys, but far more Californians living there.

2. Sometimes people in Tennessee eat rabbits, squirrels or frogs.

3. After an “amazing” date, it’s okay to call a girl that night. But after just a “good” date, it’s better to wait until the next day.

4. Dance-related reality shows are good, but “The Deadliest Catch” is intriguing.

“Nothing against Andrew (Braverman), but never once during our Snow Angels photo shoot did I think about giving him a wet willy. (see page 26)”

Other familiar RMS Blog faces posing as 2009 Snow Angels:

Nikki F. - Current DND
Nicole H. - Current DND
Lauren H. - Current DND and former Wild Bunch Dancer
Leah M. - Current Wild Bunch Dancer and former DND
Stefanie B. - Former DBC and DND and Wild Bunch Dancer
Sara W. - Former DBC and DND
Annette B. - Former DND
Marissa - Current DND
Devyn - Current DND
Krista S. - Current DND
Bridget B. - Current DND
Amanda - Current DND
Miranda - Current DND
Chelsea M. - Current DND
Chalanunda S. - Former DND
Keri G. - Former DND and Rockstarz
Kelsey V. - Former DBC

What a cast! Read the digital issue here.