Monday, December 21, 2009

Meet the Denver Nuggets Dancers

Dancing right into our hearts
Credit:Garrett Ellwood Photography

By Matt Farley and Erica Boniface


The Denver Nuggets are getting plenty of attention lately as they give the L.A. Lakers a run for their money in the NBA’s Western Conference. But even as the playoff buzz builds, Metromix’s attention has wandered off the hardwood and landed a little bit closer to the stands (and our hearts). That’s right, sports fans: It’s the Denver Nuggets Dancers.

Because we love you, Metromix tracked the girls down (in a totally non-creepy way) and asked the ice-breaker questions everyone’s dying to know the answers to. Now, if you happen to run into some of the dancers out on the town, you’ll hopefully have something to say besides, “So, you’re a dancer? Uh… that’s cool.” And even if that’s not your game plan, we think you’ll find this gallery educational as well as sexy. Who knew the Denver Nuggets Dancers were secretly into “outgoing nerds” and Chili’s restaurants?

Well, ladies, we’ll have you know that the men of Metromix can be very outgoing. And we love us some Baby Back Ribs…

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