Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Front and Center

AAAaahhhhhhh my dear Broncos fans - What a start we have had. A 08/09 season that has graced us with its excitement, triumph and pride - all things that are not lost. This town homes a population of true fans and an organization that has honest appreciation of the support.

So here we are at the beginning of another season; a season that has us at 3 and 1 and many more exciting wins to come. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have the best seats in the entire house. One of the countless surreal things about being a Denver Broncos Cheerleaders it the fact that we get to watch every single home game play front and center. Sometimes a bit too close as you get to bob and weave the players as the play extends the bounds, the refs and their watchful eye or the camera men that charge down the field after each and every play. It is a dangerous world out there on those sidelines…and I can tell you that we enjoy every second of it.

There is a love for the game of football that comes with being a Denver Broncos Cheerleader and honestly it wouldn’t be the same experience without our fans. We can hear and feel your excitement and so can the players. Your voices do not go unheard, your spirit is constantly recognized and your passion is a major piece of each game day. After five years on this team you continue to impress me. Thank you for your enthusiasm and the life you pump into this organization- it is a continuing inspiration to us and to your players.

-Alex (9/29/08)