Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MHSM Girl in Your Corner - Candice Vecchiarelli

Name: Candice Vecchiarelli
Age: 21
Profession: Dancer for the Denver Outlaws, Student

What’s been the best part of dancing for the Outlaws?
Dancing at Invesco field. Even though the stadium isn’t sold out, we’ve had over 20,000 people come watch a game. Plus the Fourth of July game! All of us girls sit and watch the fireworks show from the field. This past July, we even got to see a small fire on top of Invesco Field from the fireworks!

When you first heard of this opportunity, had you ever really watched or knew about outdoor lacrosse?
No, actually I had never even seen a single game of lacrosse. The first time I actually watched lacrosse was my first game as a Denver Outlaws dancer.

The lacrosse guys have a reputation for being fun guys, very fan friendly and ultra-accessible. Give an example of this.
I actually didn’t get to spend much time with the guys this season. I know they are all really great guys and they do a lot for their fans and the community.

Describe the perfect date.
I’d say a glass of wine and a great conversation.

What do you find appealing in a guy?
I am constantly laughing and having fun, so I’d have to say someone who has a great sense of humor, confidence, and someone who doesn’t take himself to serious all the time.

Lots of kids attend the Outlaws games. Kid’s say the darndest things; tell us your funniest “kid story.”
When I was signing autographs after the game, a 12-year-old boy came up to me and asked if I would kiss him on the cheek because he had never been kissed before. I asked him what his mom would think of that, and he said that we could start slow, be boyfriend/girlfriend and work our way up to kissing. All I could do was laugh. Kids definitely say the darndest things

Outside of lacrosse, who’s your favorite athlete?
Although he didn’t win the last Wimbledon, I would have to say Roger Federer. The man has won five Wimbledons! And the 2008 Wimbledon was the best tennis match I have ever seen. It was incredible.

What is your favorite team outside of lacrosse?
Easily the Denver Broncos! I love watching football!

What is your favorite movie (and why)?
I love watching movies! I can’t choose just one but I love romantic and action movies.

What are the top three songs in your iPod?
“All I Need” by Shawn McDonald, “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw and “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis

If you could drive any car, it would be…
Actually, I’m really content with my Four-Runner, Chi-Chi. But if something did happen to her, I would love to drive a white Porsche Cayenne.

Everyone has a celebrity crush. Who is yours?
Nick Lachey. If I would’ve met him when I was younger, I probably would have asked him the same thing that 12-year-old kid asked me.

You ladies do a lot of community service. What has been your favorite thus far?
I love all the opportunities that we get to serve in the community! I think my favorite this year was when we went to Children’s Hospital to perform and hang out with the kids. It was an incredible experience. I left there so touched; I began to understand how precious life truly is and how much I take every little thing I get to do for granted. Those kids are so strong and I think they made a bigger impact on me then I did on them. I was so moved that day. After we had finished there, I got in my car and cried until I got home.