Friday, September 26, 2008

Semi-Professional Cheerleaders and Dancers Needed!

2008 Semi-Pro Audition Dates

Looking for outstanding Cheerleaders/Stunters, Dancers, & Gymnasts -- Especially guys for the Stunt team and Dancers. Must be 18 (or 17 & graduated High School in 08) for the Semi-Pro team. If you are interested E-Mail to RSVP for the Tryout.

Open Minor League/Semi-Pro Tryouts - Oct 12th @ 1:00 am

Dance Team (Jazz/Pom) and Cheer/Stunt Tryouts - Email for details ($25 Registration Fee)
Co-Ed Cheer/Stunt & Tumble Team - Email for details ($25 Registration Fee)
Check out the practice photos and the Main Titan Page for more recent Photos

When: Sunday, Oct 12th. Doors open for Registration @ 1:00 pm, Tryouts begin at 1:20. Be there on time please.

Where: Rocky Mountain Elite Gym located at 7101 S Fulton., Englewood, CO.

The Denver Titans Minor League Football Team is proud to announce tryouts for their Motion Explosion Cheer & Stunt team for the competition season. Dance team (jazz/pom) for the fall 2008 season starting Oct. We are looking for some great dancers, tumblers, cheerleaders, and stunt members to join the team this year. Minimum age is 18+ (or 17 & graduated HS) for the Extreme Semi-Pro Teams.

Tryouts are held at the Rocky Mountain Elite Gym located at 7101 S Fulton, Englewood CO. Email for more information or to pre-register. Pre-Registration is highly suggested. Save, print and fill out Registration Form and Waiver Form ( 18+ Waiver / Under 18 Waiver), then bring it with you to tryouts (UNDER 18 MUST BRING A PARENT TO SIGN THE RME Gym WAIVER or call RME do it in advance). Please email us if you are planning to tryout.

Audition Attire:

No hard-soled shoes. (Cheer/Stunt - Cheer Shoes or Sneakers / Dancers - Dance shoes)
Dancers - Dance or workout attire (Dance Top & dance shorts/dance pants. Nothing baggy.)
Cheer/Stunt/Tumble – Tight fitting sports top/Tight T-Shirt, shorts or cheer skirt, spankies/bloomers.

Guys - Workout attire, pants or shorts and T-Shirt and Athletic Shoes.
Hair and make-up done as it would be for a performance. Dancers - Usually hair is down or half down. Cheer/Stunt/Tumble – Hair down, half-up or pony but performance ready!

Titan Practices:

Mandatory Practices once per week on Sunday (usually 1:00-4:00 pm). You will receive a calendar if you are selected.
Cheerleaders and Dancers that are selected for the competition team will receive a list of the competitions (plus Nationals, usually in Las Vegas).

Commitment is important! You MUST be able to make all or most of the practices and competitions.
You may tryout for Pro-Teams, College, All-Star or High School Teams while part of the Titans. You may NOT tryout for other semi-pro/minor league teams during the Titan season. You will have to sign a commitment form if selected agreeing to team requirements.

Audition Process:

Registration begins at 1:00 and the audition will start 20 minutes later. Do not be late. Call if you have trouble finding the gym (303) 868-4840.

Turn in your Registration form and pay $25 Registration fee.

Plan on the auditions lasting approximately 3 hrs. Make sure that you bring plenty of water and a snack to keep your energy level up.


The first part of the audition is an "Across the Floor" technical segment which consists of a combination, usually four 8-counts in length, with left and right kicks, a right split leap, a pirouette turn and simple choreography.

The next segment of the preliminaries consists of a short dance combination. This short routine will have the same technical elements as the "Across the Floor" segment (kicks, turns, leaps, etc.) plus additional technique and some jazz and funk moves. This routine will usually be performed in groups. You may also learn 1-2 short Sideline Dances.

Interview will consist of a very short private interview with the judges.

Cheer & Stunt Team

Three Jumps (One must be a Toe-Touch)

Perform a short Cheer & Sideline that will be taught at the tryout (Required for females, optional for Stunt Guys)
Tumbling - Standing and Running Tumbling Pass (if you tumble)
Stunting (Baskets, Partner and Group Stunts as appropriate. Tumblers - Stunting optional)

After all contestants have performed, the results will be scored. This will be after the final tryouts are complete and may be posted that day or it may be Monday before you know the results.