Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Choreography Resource

Okay guys, if you haven't already, you HAVE to check out JigTV. com and see what its all about.

We are helping out a friend, here in Denver, who has created a ridiculously cool dance website called JigTV. com.

In a nutshell, its 'Dance on Demand'. Choreography by AMAZING choreographers broken down for the sake of teaching or using it. Some of the people on board with her for the project are: Brian Friedman, Blake McGrath, Tony Testa, Suzi Taylor, Dee Caspary, Shane Sparks, Jason Parsons, Many Moore, Nick Bass, Nick Lazzarini, Terry Beeman, Travis Wall... etc, etc, etc.

Go to JigTV.com and let me know what you think. And, better yet, please please please spread the word via MySpace, FaceBook, email, phone, word of mouth... however! On top of their JigTV. com website, they are also on MySpace... add them as a friend! We appreciate your help!