Monday, July 14, 2008

ProDance Featured Choreographer - Karl Mundt

Karl Mundt

Karl Mundt’s dynamic style and enthusiasm have made him one of the most sought after choreographers in the U.S. and he has choreographed for some of the top dance programs in the nation. His work has won numerous awards and has been nationally televised and performed throughout the U.S., England and Italy.

Karl has danced in commercials for Adidas, Nike, Sun Micro Systems and for national tours with the Broadway Exchange in New York City. He has performed in a variety of stage productions in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He has also set choreography on models for print work, Dance Spirit Magazine and for national dancewear companies. In 2007, he was a choreographer and judge for the International Dance Congress in Mexico.

Get ready for his incredible second season at ProDance!!!