Monday, July 28, 2008

ProDance Featured Choreographer - Shandon Kolberg

Shandon Kolberg has been working in the professional dance industry for the past seven years as a choreographer and performer. Under the direction of highly accredited choreographer Rey Lozano, she danced on the Cal State Long dance team, taking first place at UDA National Collegiate Championships in 2001.

Shandon is top row, second from left.

In 2002, Shandon was featured on the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine, with a step by step choreography segment. As a US Spirit leader, she instructed some of the top high school, all star, and professional dance teams. She was a Long Beach ABA Jamz Girl, as well as a NBA Summer Pro League dancer and spokesperson. She performed at the MTV Teen awareness event with artist Kaci Brown, Japan’s Annual Sports Entertainment conference, and in “Moves Like This” dance video by Diane Bonds. Shandon has choreographed for numerous high schools, all star, and collegiate teams, including USC Dance Force and Cal State Fullerton. She has been the head dance instructor of southern California’s Dansation’s Studio for seven years, receiving numerous acclamations for her fresh, innovative, and dynamic choreography.