Monday, July 14, 2008

Mile High Sports Magazine Girl in Your Corner - Lauren Hanna

July 2008 - Girl In Your Corner

Name: Lauren Hanna
Age: 20
Profession: Student, Dancer for Colorado Mammoth’s Wild Bunch

How has the summer been for Golf Dolls?
Excellent. This summer, we’ll be putting on over 30 tournaments – half of them are corporate, half of them are for charity. It’s been a great summer.

That’s a lot of days on the course. What’s been the most interesting thing that’s happened?
One day, we had a group of Golf Dolls actually go to the wrong course. They were sitting on the course at Wellshire when they were supposed to be at Overland. They were sitting on No. 9 of the wrong course giving things away. That was pretty funny.

Can people still book Golf Dolls for their own tournaments?
Yes, people can still book us for this summer and fall. We hope they do! They can contact us at 720.290.9224 or through the website at

What’s your favorite Denver activity when you’re not on the golf course?
Going to sporting events with some great friends.

Describe the perfect date.
Start out with a fun spot for dinner, then take in a night on the town!

Would you rather watch golf in person or on TV?
In person, for sure.

Who’s your favorite Denver athlete?
There are way too many to choose from, so I can’t pick just one.

Which team is your favorite?
The Colorado Mammoth, of course!

In golf terms, would you describe yourself as a putter, a chipper or a big hitter?
I would definitely describe myself as a “big hitter.” Just tee it up and I’m ready to go.