Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Broncos Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Shoot

Teresa Shear, Special to the Rocky Mountain News
Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Denver Broncos Cheerleader Serita Archuleta

Members of the Denver Broncos cheerleading squad are on location in the Riviera Maya this week, shooting next year's cheerleader swimsuit calendar. Squad director Teresa Shear is sending the Rocky exclusive updates from Mexico, as the women hit the beach and model the latest in swim styles.


Hello Denver Broncos fans! Greetings from the Riviera Maya and the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders 2009 Calendar shoot! What a beautiful sunrise it was today. Day one of our calendar shoot is off to an excellent start. We flew from Denver to Cancun, then took a 30-minute bus ride to our final destination – the Iberostar Paraiso Maya on the beautiful Mayan Riviera.

After a nice dinner and a good night’s rest, our first morning on the beach started with Serita Archuleta, Jamie Dukehart-Conti (the newly crowed Miss Colorado), Sara Oliver and Nicole Moore. We started shooting their photos as the sun came up at 6:30 a.m., but the cheerleaders were awake and in hair and makeup much earlier – 3 a.m.! I am so grateful to our amazing staff – Octavio Molina from Antoine du Chez Salons, makeup artist Sedrique Olison, photographers Rob Hawthore and Pete Eklund and the rest of our Broncos Cheerleader staff. It takes quite a few people to put together our calendar.

Serita is one of four team captains and no stranger to calendar shoots, as a four-year veteran of the squad. Her gold suit glowed as the sun rose on the beach and water. There are a few good things about getting up so early -- the beauty of the early morning and the peace and quiet.

The second shot of the early morning focused on Jamie. In her red, white and blue suit, shot near the lifeguard stand on the Iberostar Beach, Jamie's photo is perfect for our Fourth of July moment.

The third shot is of school teacher Sara Oliver. Sara’s suit is a gorgeous turquoise and gold two-piece that brings out the beautiful colors of the water and rocks in the background.

Shot four goes to beautiful Nicole Moore. Nicole is currently working on her doctorate degree in Pharmacy.

After shooting four models in the early morning, we all needed a break! The Iberostar Paraiso Maya is an incredible resort and we enjoyed an afternoon of fun and sun and then prepared for our evening shots with Alex Taylor and newlywed Jennifer Woodworth. Alex and Jenn are both captains on our team. Alex is a self proclaimed “computer nerd” with a job in IT software sales and Jenn was married in late May to one of our U.S. soldiers recently back from Iraq.

For Alex, we found a very dramatic location we called the “Taj Mahal." She looks so amazing! For Jenn, we found a beautiful walkway and chose to really focus on the fun suit she was wearing.

With day one complete, we all head to bed to get ready for another early morning shooting eight of our rookies. We are off to a great start!

Keep visiting this page the rest of the week to check out some of the beautiful photos from our shoot and hear more about our exciting week shooting our 2009 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Calendar. The 2009 Calendar will be available mid-August. Check out for more details and information on how purchase your copy.

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