Friday, May 29, 2009

Where are they Now - Erica Weston

Former DBC Erica Weston, is also battling it out on the court as a Laker Girl while the Nuggets and Lakers fight for the Western Conference Championship. She follows in the footsteps of former DBC Leslie Macias and DND/Rockstarz Becky Hamm as they chased their dance dreams in LA as Laker Girls.

First year member of the Los Angeles Laker Girls squad.

Currently a student at Loyola Marymount University
Major: Public Relations

Working Out
Snow Skiing
Bikram Yoga Fitness Profile: Erica

How did you prepare for Laker Girls auditions this summer?I prepared for auditions by taking all the dance classes I could as well as making sure I was eating healthy and working out regularly.

What other styles of dance do you do outside of Laker Girls rehearsals to maintain your skills?I really enjoy contemporary dance. It's something we don't really do as Laker Girls, so I like to do it outside of rehearsals. I also like to take a ballet class ever once in a while to keep up on my dance technique.

Do you do anything outside of dance to stay fit (ie swimming, biking, etc.)?
Sometimes, I'll take a yoga class.

Take us through your typical workout. Do you use weights, cardio, flexibility exercises? If so, please describe.I'll start with 30-45 minutes on the bike or elliptical or sometimes doing intervals on the treadmill switching between running and walking. Then, I'll do a variety of resistance training exercises for legs, arms and abs followed by a lot of stretching at the end.

What do you eat to stay healthy/maintain energy?
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and proteins. I like everything in moderation too.

Talk about the importance of stretching, yoga or Pilates in your workout.
I really like yoga and pilates because they lengthen your muscles. I think stretching at the end of my workout is really important so you aren't sore the next day.

How do you balance dancing vs. other fitness related activities?
I like to have a variety of exercises--so combining the two is key so I never get bored.

Who made you aware of the importance of staying fit?
Myself. When you notice your body changing, you realized you can't eat everything like you used to. Eating a little bit of everything in moderation helps keep me satisfied.

What do you find a "nutritional snack" during the day? In addition, tell us about your favorite meal to eat that you find healthy for your lifestyle.I like to snack on fruits and nuts throughout the day. They give you just enough protein and energy to keep going. I love any kind of pastel dish, especially spaghetti, because it gives me lots of energy.

What advice would you give to Lakers fans about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle?Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for your health as you get older. You'll fell healthier if you workout a few times a week and watch what you eat.

Do you have an everyday helpful, healthy tips for any of the Lakers Fans?
Write down in a journal your daily intake. If you haven't had as much during the day, you can splurge more at night or know that you've eaten enough throughout the day so healthy snacks are the way to go at night.

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