Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 - 2010 Broncos Cheerleaders Chosen

Life in Broncos Country just got a little bit better

For the first time ever, the Broncos Cheerleaders opened up their tryouts to the public. To say the event was a success would be an understatement. To say the event was a hair-twirling-bombshell-bucking-dance-off success, might be a little more appropriate. The event was not only sold out, but lines of ticketless patrons were being turned away at the door as the Davis Auditorium at DU reached capacity.

The tryouts hosted 61 beautiful ladies, each fighting for one of the 26 spots on the squad. Despite their good looks, this was no beauty contest. The judges, made up of former Broncos cheerleaders, coaches, politicians, sportscasters, and all the like, were looking for more than just a pretty smile. These girls had to be able to dance.

Anyone can tell you that Broncos fans are ruthless. But while we eat up and spit out quarterbacks like chicken wings, we are equally loving in the adoration of our cheerleaders.

Given that, the competition was tough. Even members of the squad form last season had to tryout again, and not every veteran made the cut.

Five new girls were added to the team. One of which, Kaoruko Horiike, came all the way from Japan, just to try out. It looks like she’ll be around for a while.

During the judges deliberation, one lucky raffle winner (pictured in photo #89) won two sets of season tickets. Other prizes include autographed memorabilia, merchandise and game tickets.

The event was such a success that tryouts will be held in a similar format next year, just in a larger venue.

Here's the list of the lovely and talented ladies that will be distracting you during the 2009-2010 season, and we’re not talking about your wife:

Romi Bean
Kaoruko Horiike
Sara Oliver
Christina Puglisi (new)
Erica Golding
Amanda Lofland
Allyson Daniels (new)
Anjuli Rodriguez (new)
Rebecca Bolan
Lindy Kouky (new)
Brianne Bateman
Serita Archuleta
Sarah Karlan
Valerie Scott
Nicole Moore
Candice Wilson (new)
Kim Hidalgo
Jessica Flores
Tara Battiato (new)
Christina Connolly
Mary Johnston
Lauren Giangregorio (new)
Jessica Magee (new)
Janelle Mangrum
Lindsey Dudley
Liz Harris

Credit:Alex Jimenez

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