Friday, May 15, 2009

NLL Girl of the Week

We’re back for more voting in our weekly National Lacrosse League Girls of the Week contest and after Kelly beat Emily by a nifty vote count of 3,112 to 2,561, all we’re left with now is the last quarterfinal matchup. That pits Krystle up against Heidi and we gotta warn Krystle and her fans. Heidi absolutely cleaned up in her last outing, garnering more than 7,500 votes. As coincidence might have it, though, Krystle comes to us from the Calgary Roughnecks, who, of course, are playing for all the marbles this weekend. Will Krystle do the same? That depends on you voters, doesn’t it?

Krystle’s the JV accountant outta Camrose, Alberta, who caught our attention early by mentioning her approval for the music of Ray Lamontagne. Great stuff to listen to, no doubt, and being fans of the fella ourselves, we’d be totally shocked, but pleasantly so, if the Drill Crew actually got out there and danced to some of his music. Thing is, Ray’s music isn’t exactly the kinda stuff for the rock-n-roll atmosphere of an indoor lacrosse game, so we’ll let that slide. That won’t stop us from requesting any sort of routine to the music of the Disco Biscuits, though. But, we digress.

Krystle’s here to dance for the ‘Necks and their fans, who are playing for the NLL title this weekend against the New York Titans. And something tell us that if the Roughnecks do win it all, there’ll be all sorts of dancing in Calgary, no matter what kind of music is being played. And if that Calgary offense is anywhere near as smooth and devastating as it was in last weekend’s win against San Jose, we imagine there’ll be plenty of dancing fans in the stands to accompany Krystle and her mates. A joyous scene, no doubt.

Heidi’s the Public Relations worker who recently wrapped up her first season dancing for the Mammoth squad. While the season didn’t quite go as planned in the Mile High City, it’d be tough to think of her having a down experience. A rockin’ barn, a playoff team, an exciting offense and a hot tub on site. Are you kidding? How can anyone NOT have a great time at a game there. Of course, playing for a title would make it a lot more fun, but there’s always the optimism for next season and we’re thinking that lots of you are hoping Heidi returns for a second season with the Mammoth dance team. That’s still a ways away, of course, but if Heidi pulls off the win in this round, we’ll be seeing more of her in the weeks to come as this contest rolls along. And fortunately for you, fan, you don’t even have to get out of your seat to vote in this election. It’s all taken care of with the click of a mouse.

So who is it? Krystle or Heidi? Make your vote count, fan, and we’ll be back soon with the start of our semifinal rounds to determine who’s gonna end up in the final. But before you vote, a programming note. You remember Marie, right? The dancer from Philadelphia? Well, by virtue of the way the NLL schedule broke down, she gets an automatic bye into the semifinal round where she awaits the winner of the poll between Krystle and Heidi. OK. Back to your regularly scheduled vote.

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