Thursday, May 28, 2009

NLL Girl of the Week, Semifinals...

We’ll call it the National Lacrosse League battle of the brunettes. Gina is the first brunette and she’s locked up the first spot in our championship matchup by virtue of her 8,585 voting victory over Kelly last week. This week, we’ve got a pair of brunettes in Heidi and Marie, and they’re duking it out for the second spot in the title match. Who it is that advances is totally up to you, the voters, so turn the page and push the button.

Heidi’s the mile-high hottie with the Colorado Mammoth dance squad who has pulled in more than 7,000 votes in each round she’s been a contestant. She’s been in regular touch with the staff here, telling us how proud she is to be a part of all this and how proud her family is of her. It’s so heart-warming for us here at, and we’re more than pleased to bring these NLL dancers to life for you outside of the game situations. We know the lacrosse players are the ones who get the bulk of love here because, well, because we’re drawn to the game first and foremost. But you can’t forget the dancers, right? They’re as much a part of the gameday experience as anything else and even though you don’t wanna admit it, you pay attention.

So now it’s on to Marie, the Philadelphia hottie who indeed does put Philly in a whole new perspective. Think about it. What comes to mind when you hear Philadelphia? Hard-nosed. In your face. Aggressive. Marie puts a softer spin on that image and you know your opinion of that great city has changed just a bit after viewing photographs of this Wings dancer. Like Heidi, Marie is a first-year dancer in the NLL and she discovered the joy and excitement of a game we’ve known for ages so it’s easy to welcome her to the club. And if you tell us it’s not easy to welcome Marie to the club, we’re gonna tell you something’s wrong with your dome. Check it. Now. And like Heidi, Marie’s been in touch with us here at and we can vouch for her professionalism and desire to rep Philly to the fullest.

So now you’ve got a decision to make. Is it Heidi or Marie? Get your vote on today and send one of these dancers on to next week’s championship match against Gina. Rock on.

Vote for Heidi here.