Friday, June 5, 2009

June MHSM Girl in Your Corner - Bethany Nitzel

Name: Bethany Nitzel
Age: 20
Profession: Eagles Dancer and Full-Time Student at Northern Colorado
Sign: Cancer


1. Don Knotts can, and should be, any child’s idol.
2. Standing at six-feet tall and weighing 205 pounds, Colorado Eagles winger Greg Pankewicz is “pretty much regular size.” However, “he plays larger than life.”
3. Hypothetically speaking, if Greg Pankewicz and actor Verne Troyer joined forces and took on UNC football coach Scott Downing AND a grizzly bear in a tag-team wrastlin’ match, Pankewicz and Troyer, despite not being a part of a Division I team of any kind, would emerge victorious. Why? Because both men are larger than life.
4. Going on a date with a guy who is shy and quiet is akin to having a conversation with a wall.

PULL QUOTE: “A woman always feels sexy in high heels.”