Tuesday, June 16, 2009


6/13/2009 - With Independence Day a few short weeks away, and in support of the nation’s troops and veterans, the Colorado Mammoth dance team, the Wild Bunch, made a special visit to the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Saturday, June 13.

The dancers distributed souvenir items from the team, signed autographs and spent time with the veterans and their families.

The visit by the Wild Bunch to the VA Medical Center follows Colorado Mammoth player and Wild Bunch participation in the Wounded Warrior Project’s Colorado Soldier Ride on May 23 in Denver.

“After our participation in the Soldier Ride, we were all very inspired to do more,” said Wild Bunch Director, Stacia Boley. “These brave men and women have given so much for our country and although we know we can never repay them, it is our hope that we can at least bring a smile to their faces.”

“When visitors come to the hospital, our veterans are always surprised and touched. To know that people they have never met would take the time and make the effort to visit them really does mean a lot,” said VA Hospital Volunteer Specialist, Barb Lily. "The impact lasts long beyond the visit and it can even impact their physical well being when their mental and emotional states are lifted. The veterans are often thrilled to be remembered.”

For more information on the Colorado Soldier Ride, please go to COSoldierRide.com

For more information on the VA Hospital, please go to Denver.va.gov