Monday, June 8, 2009

Top 15 Reasons to Join The Belles Performance Team

15) Perform for over 1.5 million people each year.
14) Participate over 150 hours in the Colorado community each year.
13) Perform ProDance routines – choreography providers to the NFL and NBA
12) Wear The Line Up uniforms – providers to the Nuggets Dancers, Wild Bunch and Crush Girls as well as many NFL and NBA teams.
11) Exciting new hair salon business partner announcement in July – hint: they have worked with the Broncos Cheerleaders, the Wild Bunch, the Nuggets Dancers, the Outlaws Dancers, and Mile High Sports Angels…WOW, what a resume!
10) Exciting new fitness business partner announcement in July – hint: they will kick your butt while teaching you to kick butt!
9) Free tanning and ridiculously discounted spa and wellness services at Planet Beach Contempo Spa!
8) Extremely discounted services at Aesthetic Nurse Specialists – think facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion – no more acne, no more skin imperfections, no more fine lines: all in one hour for a very low 2 figure price!
7) One Free month of dance training at Allana’s Academy of Dance and a huge discount on classes after the free month!
6) Fundraise every dollar you need to participate on the team. They have the most successful, easiest program in the nation at their disposal, it really works!
5) Participate in the first Belles calendar, for the year 2010, to be released at performance parties all over Denver at the end of this year. Hair, makeup, photography and fun all included!
4) No other dance team in the state has a mobile sound system like the Belles. No only can you hear them coming, 1000 watts of bass lets you feel it!
3) No auditions. No stress, no competition, no pressure. Apply and interview…your character and commitment is all they need to teach you to dance. They have taught over 300 women how to perform in the community in the last 6 years, and many have moved on to perform on a professional sports entertainment team!
2) Make new friends that will last a lifetime!

And the number one reason to join the BPT…

1) Don’t you just love to dance!

Applications are being accepted now! Visit, the Joining the BPT webpage. They have openings for over 20 dancers and a very busy schedule of performances, calendar photo shoots, and video recordings, to apply for their USO tour to entertain the troops abroad, in store for you this next season.

Apply today!