Friday, July 31, 2009


Denver resident eyeing a career as a Dental Hygienist

Leslie - this week's NLL Girl of the Week - can be found in her current home of Denver, where she has been a member of the Wild Bunch for the past two seasons. She is a lifelong dancer who has compiled an impressive background in competitive and creative dance, including her stint with the University of Colorado at Boulder's athletic dance team: "Express." After settling in Denver, she joined the professional dance world with the crew at Pepsi Center.

"There are so many wonderful parts of being a member of the Wild Bunch," says Leslie. "I would have to say that my favorite part of the game is the opening when the lights go down, all the fans are on their feet and we come out onto the field on a Harley. Nothing replaces that feeling of excitement you get every game.

"The Mammoth fans are unlike any other team's. They live and breathe Mammoth lacrosse and love what we bring as well!"

When she isn't giving her all for the Mammoth home crowd, Leslie is a registered dental hygienist - "Don't forget to brush your teeth twice and floss once a day," she says. After completing prerequisite course work at the University of Colorado at Boulder, she graduated from the University of Colorado Health Science Center in May 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Hygiene.

Now, Leslie hopes to pursue her career and eventually get married and start a family. In the meantime, she says her perfect day would be one that is spent with friends and family... and possibly some scrapbooking. She will probably have some country music blasting in her headphones, too.

Leslie loves lacrosse for its fast pace and physical nature, which makes her "never want to leave your seat because you may miss something." As for the Mammoth, her favorite player is Dan Carey.

"He is not only a phenomenal lacrosse player; he is a genuine person, as well. He gives time to the community off the field and I think that means more than what he does on the field."

While Leslie is unsure as to whether or not she will be back for a third year with the Wild Bunch, she has nothing but positive things to say about the Mammoth family.

"Everyone who is a part of this organization really cares about the team and what they do. It has been such a pleasure to work with everyone involved."

And if Leslie does happen to leave the Wild Bunch for good, she has the following words to remember her teammates by:

"The Wild Bunch are a group of talented and classy women who bring a little bit of rock and roll to every Mammoth game."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Did they make the Nuggets Dancers?

Devyn and Bridget wrap up Hot 107.1 reality week covering Nuggets Dancers Auditions.

MHSM Girl in your Corner - Rachel Trujillo

Name: Rachel Trujillo
Age: 22
Profession: Colorado Eagles Chick; Personal Trainer
Sign: Cancer


1. When you mix happy and talkative, you get “bubbly.” Thus: Happy + Talkative = Bubbly.
2. The general behavior at the CU-CSU football game could easily and simply be classified as “rambunctious and inebriated.”
3. Perhaps the funniest line in any movie comes from “Miss Congeniality” when Ms. Rhode Island is asked to describe the perfect date. She replies: “I’d have to say, ‘April 25th.’ It’s not too hot, and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.”
4. Technically, you don’t really “cook” sushi.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where are they Now? - Michelle Beisner

Former Denver Broncos Cheerleader Michelle Beisner, now a reporter for NFL Network

Monday, July 27, 2009


Colorado Mammoth Wild Bunch dancer, Leslie Allen has been nominated by the National Lacrosse League for the "NLL Girl of the Week."

You can vote for Leslie by visiting and clicking on the "NLL Girl of the Week" tab under the "Community" section.

2009-2010 Nuggets Dancers Team Selected

Over 125 dancers auditioned, and after a week's worth of auditions, the 18 women who will make up the 2009-10 Denver Nuggets Dancers roster were named. The dancers who auditioned endured several extremely long days of learning choreography and performing in front of a panel of judges, as well as an evening of interviews.

Movers and Shakers: Jana Blue from the Outlaws Dance Team and Jennifer Beauvais from the Wild Bunch.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Calendar Release Party for a Cause

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for following us on our calendar journey over the last week in Steamboat. The release date for the new calendar is coming up and I wanted to make sure that I got all of the information out to Broncos Country! This year the 2010 Denver Broncos Cheerleader Calendar Release Party is very special to us. We are teaming up with the Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation for Keeping Kid’s on Track–This inaugural race supports the critical needs of local at-risk youth. All proceeds will benefit the Denver Broncos Youth Center at the Denver Rescue Mission and Project PAVE (Promoting Alternatives to Violence through Education).

Everything you need to know, after the jump:

Who: The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders & You!

What: Come join the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders, local celebrities, Miles the Mascot, and Broncos Alumni–Your $40.00 donation includes 2010 Calendar & all 26 Cheerleaders present to autograph, complimentary Budweiser, food provided by Wahoo’s Fish Tacos. Tickets are also available to race the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders in high speed go-karts (60mph).

When: Saturday, August 15th ; 5pm-10pm

Where: The Track, Centennial, CO

Why: All youth should have the opportunity to reach their full potential…with your help…we can help make this a reality!

How: Go to to purchase your tickets for this event!

We look forward to seeing all of you on August 15th! Go Broncos!

Keela Harris 7/20/09
Former DBC

Calendar Shoot Comes to a Close

Day 5

Hi everyone -

Today we were invited to spend the entire day at Jamie Temple’s property in Steamboat Springs. This house has everything from a 2,000 square foot guest house to terraced ponds, and infinite pools. This is such an exquisite property that we decided to do six of our shots here for the day. Tara Battiato’s picture was taken in the infinite pool with the Aspens in the background. The reflection of the sunrise created a luminous effect that will result in a beautiful photograph.

Mary Johnston’s shot was next. Mary’s shot looked like something out of a movie. The day started to warm up, the clouds burned away, and the steam from the pool rose to create a very exotic look. Amanda Lofland was last year’s cover girl. This year, her photograph was on a very contemporary s-shaped chair. Amanda is a veteran and very comfortable with modeling — we have a lot of great shots to choose from with her! After Amanda’s photograph was taken we had the afternoon to take advantage of the scenery and the pool. We took a little lunch break and soaked up some sun.

One of the things that made this day such a success was the support of the other DBC. All of the other DBC who had previously taken their calendar photographs decided to come out to the house for the day and support their peers and teammates. It always brings such a bright energy to the set when we have team members cheering one another on. After the staff had a little poolside rest, we were refreshed and ready to finish up with our last 3 shots of the day.

Serita Archuleta started things of with a bang in the afternoon. She was photographed in the middle of a spread of Aspens that really reminded us of the power and majesty of a Colorado forest.

Christina Connolly cooled things down in the afternoon in an outdoor shower near the pool in a stunning teal suit. Our next shot was our first and only night shot — Romi Bean. Since we had a little bit of time, we decided to BBQ while we were waiting for the sun to set. Once the sun went down Romi stepped back into the infinite pool for the final shot of the night. All of the swimming suits for the 2009-2010 calendar were Red Carter, and this one was a favorite. Romi’s suit was an elegant silver bikini that helped to create the perfect tone for the evening.

Day 6

After a late night, we started the day off with a sunrise shot with veteran, Sarah Karlan. Sarah’s shot was so much fun! It was media day for The Steamboat Springs Hot Air Balloon Rodeo, and we were lucky enough for this event and our calendar shoot to coincide. Sarah Karlan took some very energetic and fun shots inside and outside the hot air balloon. The set was full of energy, as most of us haven’t seen or ridden in a hot air balloon since we were kids.

In the afternoon, we did our final two shots of the day at one of the newest hot spots in Steamboat — The Ghost Ranch Saloon. Lindsey Dudley posed in the upstairs loft on a cowhide couch. Lindsey has such a bubbly and spirited personality that it made for a great way to start closing out the day! Kim Hidalgo did her shot in the downstairs VIP lounge at the saloon. Kim’s shot had more of a western flair with her cowgirl hat and boots!

Since the Rodeo is in town this weekend, we had to check it out. We all decided to head over to the Rodeo to watch barrel jumping, bareback Bronc riding, team roping and my favorite, bull riding! We have really wanted to take advantage of everything that we could while in Steamboat Springs, and this was definitely the cherry on top of a calendar trip of a lifetime. After the rodeo we went back over to the Ghost Ranch saloon to watch Andy Griggs in concert. The saloon was full of lively dancing, singing and laughter—what a blast!

Day 7

This morning was the big day in Steamboat Springs. We set up shop at the infamous Steamboat Springs Hot Air Balloon Rodeo. Candace posed in the midst of the hustle and bustle of one of the most exciting events in Colorado! Rob Hawthorne, photographer, didn’t have too many chances to capture the perfect shot because the hot air balloons were a little unpredictable…but at the end of the day, we ended up with the perfect day, perfect timing, and the perfect shot!

We finished our calendar and now we can start selecting the months and finish producing our final product for Broncos country. A special thanks to Steamboat Ski Resort Corporation, Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Group, Mountain Resorts, Steamboat Lake Marina, Ghost Ranch Saloon, Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Vista Verde Ranch, Jamie Temple, Steamboat Prudential, and the town and the people of Steamboat Springs Colorado. Our calendar will be released on August 15th at our release party. This year our release party will partner up for charity, Keeping Kids on Track. For more information, please visit us online at

Thank you for staying posted, we look forward to another great season!

Go Broncos!

Keela Harris 7/13/09
Former DBC 2004-2008

More from Steamboat Springs

Day 3 Evening
Hi Everyone -

Tonight we made the scenic drive to Steamboat Lake. It has been such a joy for all of us to work in Colorado this year; it is so beautiful up here in he summertime, we just needed to take the quick trip to Steamboat to catch some of it!

We decided to shoot two of our veterans this evening. We knew it was going to be a good day. The sunshine was bright, the boats were ready to go and our staff was on their best game. I must say that we really are equipped with the best people - we’ve been lucky enough to bring back a team that we’ve used for our past several calendars. We have Rob Hawthorne as our photographer this year; Sedrique Olison as our creative makeup artist, and Todd Putman as our hair stylist from Antoine du Chez.

Our first shot of the evening was Val Scott. She was a striking vision in her cherry red swimsuit as she relaxed on the back of a Speedboat. Erica Golding finished us off for the evening for a sunset shot that officially brought us to the halfway point with the completion of our 2009-2010 calendar. We raced on a speedboat over to the other side of the lake to setup and catch the sunset. Erica hopped off the boat and into the water just in time to snap the perfect shot! As the Steamboat sun set it glistened off the water showing us why Colorado really is the best state in the world!

Day 4

Since we have been working away on the calendar, we decided we deserved to take a little break and get out side to enjoy, the sun, the activities, and the local experience-we were not disappointed! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so we thought it would be fun to hit the gondola plaza and enjoy some of the plaza games.

The afternoon was power packed with bull riding, rock climbing, trampoline adventures and fabulous food! This year we have several new rookies on the team, so this was a fun opportunity to relax and spend a little time getting to know each other. We hadn’t had enough fun yet so we decided to head over to the ultimate Alpine Slide, The Howler. This slide is a 2,400-foot track that rages through Howelsen Hill-all the girls raced each other to the bottom. The gondola ride gave us the best bird’s eye view in town of downtown Steamboat Springs. This was such a great mid-week event-it gave us the boost we’ll need to make it through the home stretch of the calendar shoot.

After all of the fun and games it was time to get back to work. We knew just the cheerleader who could help us get the right jumpstart-Sara Oliver. Sara’s shot put her poolside on a property that Steamboat Prudential helped us discover. This property was tucked away in the Hills of Steamboat with a pool that you really have to see to believe! Sara kept the shot lively with her bright smile.

In the evening, we drove back to Steamboat Lake Marina - we had so much success here the other evening that we had to come back for more. Allyson Daniels was so energetic that it made it fun for the whole staff. She took a beautiful shot about 20 feet out into the lake. This was a fun shot because we had some Broncos Country locals that decided to stay for the shoot and cheer on the home team! Bri Bateman finished the evening with a sunset shot on the pier. Shooting in Colorado has presented some different elements for shooting the calendar as far as weather. One of the dynamics that reminded us that we were in nature tonight was the mosquitoes - they came out with a vengeance. We didn’t let them stop us and Bri didn’t even flinch-we ended up with yet another beautiful sunset shot!

One of the most memorable parts of our trip back to the Marina was the sweet treat at the end. Karl, the Marina manager, gave us samples of the best fudge in Colorado. The ‘Fudge Lady’ makes this infamous fudge and I can vouch that this was the without a doubt the sweetest way to finish off the day!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!
Keela Harris 7/9/09
Former DBC 2004-2008

HOT 107.1 Reality Radio: Denver Nuggets Dance Team Edition

Calendar Shoot in Steamboat Springs

Hi Everyone-

I am back as your resident blogger while the cheerleaders shoot their new calendar in Steamboat Springs this week. We have really been enjoying our time so far, and wanted to spend a little time catching you up—I hope you enjoy a taste of what is to come when the calendar is released this August.

Day 1

Calendar season is back and this year we’ve decided to keep things at home! We are shooting our 2009-2010 calendar in Steamboat Springs, Colorado also known as Ski Town U.S.A.® This year we are hoping to bring something very special home to Broncos fans! Our first day started out with one of our rookies, Anjuli Rodriguez. Anjuli’s shot was at one of the most recognizable and infamous locations in Steamboat Springs, More Barn. Anjuli celebrated her first calendar photo shoot in the rustic Colorado barn, and really kicked the day off right!

We finished the evening with one of our veteran cheerleaders, Nicole Moore. Nicole’s sunset shot at Steamboat Ski Areas Gondola was the perfect way to finish off our first day of shooting. Nicole was striking and the beautiful Colorado backdrop led to the perfect shot!

Day 2

Things started this morning with hair and makeup at 3:00 a.m. While it was an early morning, sunrise shots are often some of the most beautiful shots we capture, so it is always worth the early wakeup call. We enjoyed a scenic 30-minute drive to our next location, Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Strawberry Park Hot Springs became a commercialized Hot Springs hot spot in the 80’s and was the perfect spot to shoot our next two rookies of the day. Lauren Giangregorio took her photo in the middle of the hot springs as the sun came up. Christina Puglisi had her sporty shot towards the back of the hot springs where we were surrounded by hundreds of beautiful Colorado Aspens!

In the afternoon we took a break from shooting to spend some time with our good friends at F.M. Light & Sons—a fantastic western wear store in Steamboat Springs! They carry some of most eclectic cowboy boots, belts, hats and more, and since we were fortunate enough to use some of their items for our calendar the girls decided to take an afternoon trip to try on some of these items!

To finish out day two we did a photo shoot with veteran Jessica Flores and rookie Jessica Magee at the exclusive St. Cloud Mountain Club. Jessica Magee’s shot was very artistic as she posed next to a larger than life painting inside the club. Jessica Flores had a very playful shot fireside with an electric guitar.

We are looking forward to the next couple of days!

Day 3

Our day started off in a field of wildflowers at sunrise with one of our new team members, Lindy Koucky. Lindy enjoyed her first DBC photo shoot, and while the morning was crisp she was able to use that to her advantage and get a great shot. The next four shots of the day were at Vista Verde Ranch. This beautiful spot is a distinctive guest ranch 45 miles north of Steamboat Springs. When we arrived the staff was so friendly—they set a great tone for our day. We had a special guest for Liz Harris’ shot—Thunder. Liz had a striking shot with Thunder just outside of the Barn. This will be one of those shots that will infuse the calendar with the “Broncos Country” tone that we all know and love so much!

Janelle Mangrum rose the bar high with her shot just outside of the Barn at the Vista Verde Ranch. Janelle took her photograph next to the bridals and reins for the horses on the ranch. This shot will bring some additional western flare to the 2010 DBC calendar!

Rebecca was the third shot of the day and is a 3rd year veteran of the DBC. Her photograph was taken in the loft of the barn on a windowsill overlooking the entire ranch property. Although she was pretty high up on the rooftop she had a way of making everything look effortless!

Kaoruko Horiike is a 3rd year veteran and Japan native who always seems to capture us with her energy and passion on set. Kaoruko’s shot was taken at the Ranch House at Vista Verde. Our calendar is really starting to come together!

We have made some great progress and we still have more to do…we’ll keep you posted as our time in Steamboat goes on!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!
Keela Harris - 7/7/09
Former DBC 2004-2008

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where did the Nuggets Cheerleaders go?

As the Denver Nuggets organization searches for their 2009 - 2010 dance team, one familiar game day entertainment option appears to have disappeared or been replaced. The Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders page has disappeared from and the main entertainment page is now advertising for the Nuggets Interactive Squad.

Do you want to be part of the most exciting entertainment group in Denver?
Are you a huge Nuggets fan who wants to give back? Can you dance? Can you dunk? Do you love to entertain crowds? Do you have some other amazing talents you'd like to showcase at Denver Nuggets home games?

The Denver Nuggets Interactive Squad consists of pure energy and enthusiasm! They execute on-court promotions, distribute Nuggets gear to fans, and perform at every Nuggets home game!

We are currently accepting headshots and resumes for the upcoming season. Tryouts will take place in August 2009.

Please send your information to:

Pepsi Center
Attention: Lynette Nickelson
1000 Chopper Circle
Denver, Co 80204

Please contact Lynette via E-mail at

Looks like a cross between the former Mob Squad and a Promotions Team with athleticism for dunking. We will miss the DNC...the Johns really created an amazing and talented team that was an exciting asset to the NBA. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HOT 107.1 Reality Radio: Denver Nuggets Dance Team Edition

Join two young ladies as they embark on a rollercoaster journey of tears and cheers as try to make the Denver Nuggets dance Team for the 2009-10 season. For the next week, HOT 107.1 will follow the girls through out the process of audition after audition, interviews, training camp, the choreography showcase and the stressful FINAL AUDITION! Watch Bridget and Devyn on line and listen to them between 8am-9am with Fizz in the morning. The pressure is on for our 2 young ladies as they try and make the team for the 2nd year in a row!

Bridget was born in Rhode Island, where she started dancing at the age of three. She trained vigorously in ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern and pointe until she moved to Coral Gables, Florida to attend college. Bridget graduated from the University of Miami, where she danced for the football and basketball teams for all four years. After college, Bridget dance professionally in New York, toured with an up-and-coming R&B group as a backup dancer, and performed at the MTV video awards. Bridget also trained in hip-hop at Broadway Dance Center and Millennium Dance Complex in L.A. Currently, Bridget lives in Denver and is finishing up her prerequisites for an accelerated nursing program and working towards her goal of becoming a nurse anesthetist. 2008-09 was Bridget’s first season as a Denver Nuggets Dancer, and she feels very lucky to be able to fulfill both of her passions at once.

Devyn is a Colorado native, born and raised in Highlands Ranch, CO. She currently attends CU-Boulder where she majors in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing and a certificate in Real Estate. 2008-09 was Devyn’s first year as a member of the Nuggets Dancers, and it could not have been a more memorable one for her. Devyn dances because she loves it, nothing more and nothing less. When Devyn is not dancing or studying, she spends time with her sorority sisters as a member of the Zeta Chapter of Chi Omega.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hot New Pic of the Wild Bunch

2010 Wild Bunch Dancer Auditions

Auditions for the 2009-2010 Colorado Mammoth Wild Bunch Dance Team will be held in September (dates to be determined). If you would like to receive information on Wild Bunch prep classes and auditions, please call or email Director / Choreographer Amy Jo Wagner at (303)405-1206 or

DBC Biography pictures updated

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders posted their new season biography pictures. Check out their website to meet the rookies and catch up with your favorite veterans. Let's meet the rookies...

Tara Battaito

Allyson Daniels

Lauren Giangregorio

Lindy Koucky

Jessica Magee

Christina Puglisi

Anjuli Rodriguez

Candace Wilson