Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where are they Now - Renee Herlocker

Bill Husted's Bar & Grilled
Ambitious, organized, packed and ready to go
By Bill Husted
The Denver Post


Size doesn't matter, right? Mini Bar, at 222 Columbine St., is the newest — and smallest — addition to the Cherry Creek bar scene, at less than 1,500 square feet. The place is owned by downtown clubster Billy Ward (of Slim Seven and Below). He sees the vest-pocket bar as an alternative to the larger joints in the neighborhood. And he wants to see Cherry Creek stay awake after 10 p.m. Chef Michele Wahaltere sends out incredible dishes from a kitchen the size of a closet. Mini can hold 70 people inside — then another 50 on a large south-facing patio that is partially covered by a tent — adding to the clubby feel of the scene.


Renee Herlocker, 28, is pretty for a living — often referred to as the "legendary Broncos cheerleader Renee Herlocker," at least by this columnist. She was on the pep squad for six years starting in 2000; in her final year she was team captain. Born and raised in Denver, she went to Smoky Hill High School and then to the University of Northern Colorado, for a cuppa coffee. As a model with Donna Baldwin Talent, she is busy with commercials and appearances. She made a workout video with Paula Abdul dubbed "Cardio Cheer." And she most notably dated Avalanche star Dan Hinote for a number of years. When we talk, Herlocker is about to leave for Los Angeles for a part in "Ironman 2" as a member of Ironman's Superhero Cheerleading Team. She orders a split of prosecco.

Herlocker: I like my wine. I like prosecco and Grey Goose soda and Grey Goose water.

BH: I'll drink to that. And "Ironman 2." Is that your ambition, to be in the movies?

Herlocker: Does anybody have an ambition to be in the movies? I'm not theatrically trained. I want to be a sports and entertainment reporter, on television and the Internet. I'm moving to L.A. this summer.

BH: Were you a tomboy?

Herlocker: I was a mix. I danced all my life and was into the tutu and the makeup. But I also played sports. I grew up with an older brother and boys in the neighborhood. When we played Army, I was always the hostage. But I can hold my own.

BH: What's your biggest flaw?

Herlocker: I procrastinate. I'm always 10 minutes late. And I'm bowlegged. I get it from my dad.

BH: What fault are you most tolerant of in others?

Herlocker: Procrastination, flakiness and tardiness.

BH: What was it like to date Dan Hinote?

Herlocker: It was totally normal. He's a completely down-to-earth guy.

BH: Was it strange when he got married last year?

Herlocker: No. I was really happy for him.

BH: Do lots of guys ask you out?

Herlocker: No. I'm not complaining because I want to be single right now. But guys don't come up to me and start a conversation. And I'm at a point now where I want my career to come first.

BH: What do you look for in a guy?

Herlocker: Integrity. He needs to have an obscure sense of wit, and he has to be smart.

BH: What kind of men don't you like?

Herlocker: $30,000 millionaires.

BH: Would you ever pose for Playboy?

Herlocker: No.

BH: Is 28 a good age for you?

Herlocker: Yes. I have my 10th high school reunion coming up. I wasn't going to go, but now I am. Facebook has ruined reunions.

BH: Do you text while you drive?

Herlocker: Yes.

BH: Oh. That's worse than driving drunk.

Herlocker: I know. It's bad.

BH: What's your idea of misery?

Herlocker: I wouldn't want to be at a Presidential Ball surrounded by politicians.

BH: My idea of misery is going to the ballet.

Herlocker: I love the ballet. I love plays and musicals.

BH: Favorite musical?

Herlocker: "Rent."

BH: Sports?

Herlocker: I like them all. I could sit with my boyfriend and watch sports all day Sunday. I even watched the Masters.

BH: Food?

Herlocker: The fattier and greasier the better.

BH: Restaurants?

Herlocker: I like Capital Grille. I cook at home a lot.

BH: What's your favorite neighborhood?

Herlocker: Riverfront Park. And I live at Stapleton and I love it there.

BH: What about Cherry Creek?

Herlocker: I used to live here. It's good, but the demographics are a little . . . err . . .

BH: Old?

Herlocker: Yes. Don't you live in Cherry Creek, Bill?

BH: What age are the men you date?

Herlocker: I dated a 21-year-old and that was a bad idea. When I was 24 I dated a 37-year-old.

BH: You look very young.

Herlocker: I always get carded. And at the community pool at Stapleton yesterday a female lifeguard told me to get out of the pool during adult swim. And I wasn't playing Marco Polo or anything, I was just hanging out.

BH: You're too young to have a bucket list.

Herlocker: I have 30 things to do before I turn 30.

BH: What's left?

Herlocker: Go to the Kentucky Derby. I want to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. They're hot stilettos. Start a foundation. Be a dog breeder.

BH: Do you have an iPod?

Herlocker: Who doesn't?

BH: What do you play in the car?

Herlocker: It's always on shuffle, so it goes from Celtic Woman to Iggy Pop to Lil Wayne.

BH: Favorite band?

Herlocker: Kings of Leon.

BH: What would your house tell me about you?

Herlocker: It's very organized. And I have a packed, red suitcase always by the front door with my passport in it.

BH: Get out.

Herlocker: You never know when you gotta go.

BH: What about cheerleading?

Herlocker: It's come a long way, and it has a way to go.

BH: Do you have a motto?

Herlocker: Sleep when you're dead.

BH: How would you like to die?

Herlocker: When my parachute doesn't open.