Friday, July 24, 2009

More from Steamboat Springs

Day 3 Evening
Hi Everyone -

Tonight we made the scenic drive to Steamboat Lake. It has been such a joy for all of us to work in Colorado this year; it is so beautiful up here in he summertime, we just needed to take the quick trip to Steamboat to catch some of it!

We decided to shoot two of our veterans this evening. We knew it was going to be a good day. The sunshine was bright, the boats were ready to go and our staff was on their best game. I must say that we really are equipped with the best people - we’ve been lucky enough to bring back a team that we’ve used for our past several calendars. We have Rob Hawthorne as our photographer this year; Sedrique Olison as our creative makeup artist, and Todd Putman as our hair stylist from Antoine du Chez.

Our first shot of the evening was Val Scott. She was a striking vision in her cherry red swimsuit as she relaxed on the back of a Speedboat. Erica Golding finished us off for the evening for a sunset shot that officially brought us to the halfway point with the completion of our 2009-2010 calendar. We raced on a speedboat over to the other side of the lake to setup and catch the sunset. Erica hopped off the boat and into the water just in time to snap the perfect shot! As the Steamboat sun set it glistened off the water showing us why Colorado really is the best state in the world!

Day 4

Since we have been working away on the calendar, we decided we deserved to take a little break and get out side to enjoy, the sun, the activities, and the local experience-we were not disappointed! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so we thought it would be fun to hit the gondola plaza and enjoy some of the plaza games.

The afternoon was power packed with bull riding, rock climbing, trampoline adventures and fabulous food! This year we have several new rookies on the team, so this was a fun opportunity to relax and spend a little time getting to know each other. We hadn’t had enough fun yet so we decided to head over to the ultimate Alpine Slide, The Howler. This slide is a 2,400-foot track that rages through Howelsen Hill-all the girls raced each other to the bottom. The gondola ride gave us the best bird’s eye view in town of downtown Steamboat Springs. This was such a great mid-week event-it gave us the boost we’ll need to make it through the home stretch of the calendar shoot.

After all of the fun and games it was time to get back to work. We knew just the cheerleader who could help us get the right jumpstart-Sara Oliver. Sara’s shot put her poolside on a property that Steamboat Prudential helped us discover. This property was tucked away in the Hills of Steamboat with a pool that you really have to see to believe! Sara kept the shot lively with her bright smile.

In the evening, we drove back to Steamboat Lake Marina - we had so much success here the other evening that we had to come back for more. Allyson Daniels was so energetic that it made it fun for the whole staff. She took a beautiful shot about 20 feet out into the lake. This was a fun shot because we had some Broncos Country locals that decided to stay for the shoot and cheer on the home team! Bri Bateman finished the evening with a sunset shot on the pier. Shooting in Colorado has presented some different elements for shooting the calendar as far as weather. One of the dynamics that reminded us that we were in nature tonight was the mosquitoes - they came out with a vengeance. We didn’t let them stop us and Bri didn’t even flinch-we ended up with yet another beautiful sunset shot!

One of the most memorable parts of our trip back to the Marina was the sweet treat at the end. Karl, the Marina manager, gave us samples of the best fudge in Colorado. The ‘Fudge Lady’ makes this infamous fudge and I can vouch that this was the without a doubt the sweetest way to finish off the day!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!
Keela Harris 7/9/09
Former DBC 2004-2008