Friday, July 24, 2009

Calendar Shoot in Steamboat Springs

Hi Everyone-

I am back as your resident blogger while the cheerleaders shoot their new calendar in Steamboat Springs this week. We have really been enjoying our time so far, and wanted to spend a little time catching you up—I hope you enjoy a taste of what is to come when the calendar is released this August.

Day 1

Calendar season is back and this year we’ve decided to keep things at home! We are shooting our 2009-2010 calendar in Steamboat Springs, Colorado also known as Ski Town U.S.A.® This year we are hoping to bring something very special home to Broncos fans! Our first day started out with one of our rookies, Anjuli Rodriguez. Anjuli’s shot was at one of the most recognizable and infamous locations in Steamboat Springs, More Barn. Anjuli celebrated her first calendar photo shoot in the rustic Colorado barn, and really kicked the day off right!

We finished the evening with one of our veteran cheerleaders, Nicole Moore. Nicole’s sunset shot at Steamboat Ski Areas Gondola was the perfect way to finish off our first day of shooting. Nicole was striking and the beautiful Colorado backdrop led to the perfect shot!

Day 2

Things started this morning with hair and makeup at 3:00 a.m. While it was an early morning, sunrise shots are often some of the most beautiful shots we capture, so it is always worth the early wakeup call. We enjoyed a scenic 30-minute drive to our next location, Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Strawberry Park Hot Springs became a commercialized Hot Springs hot spot in the 80’s and was the perfect spot to shoot our next two rookies of the day. Lauren Giangregorio took her photo in the middle of the hot springs as the sun came up. Christina Puglisi had her sporty shot towards the back of the hot springs where we were surrounded by hundreds of beautiful Colorado Aspens!

In the afternoon we took a break from shooting to spend some time with our good friends at F.M. Light & Sons—a fantastic western wear store in Steamboat Springs! They carry some of most eclectic cowboy boots, belts, hats and more, and since we were fortunate enough to use some of their items for our calendar the girls decided to take an afternoon trip to try on some of these items!

To finish out day two we did a photo shoot with veteran Jessica Flores and rookie Jessica Magee at the exclusive St. Cloud Mountain Club. Jessica Magee’s shot was very artistic as she posed next to a larger than life painting inside the club. Jessica Flores had a very playful shot fireside with an electric guitar.

We are looking forward to the next couple of days!

Day 3

Our day started off in a field of wildflowers at sunrise with one of our new team members, Lindy Koucky. Lindy enjoyed her first DBC photo shoot, and while the morning was crisp she was able to use that to her advantage and get a great shot. The next four shots of the day were at Vista Verde Ranch. This beautiful spot is a distinctive guest ranch 45 miles north of Steamboat Springs. When we arrived the staff was so friendly—they set a great tone for our day. We had a special guest for Liz Harris’ shot—Thunder. Liz had a striking shot with Thunder just outside of the Barn. This will be one of those shots that will infuse the calendar with the “Broncos Country” tone that we all know and love so much!

Janelle Mangrum rose the bar high with her shot just outside of the Barn at the Vista Verde Ranch. Janelle took her photograph next to the bridals and reins for the horses on the ranch. This shot will bring some additional western flare to the 2010 DBC calendar!

Rebecca was the third shot of the day and is a 3rd year veteran of the DBC. Her photograph was taken in the loft of the barn on a windowsill overlooking the entire ranch property. Although she was pretty high up on the rooftop she had a way of making everything look effortless!

Kaoruko Horiike is a 3rd year veteran and Japan native who always seems to capture us with her energy and passion on set. Kaoruko’s shot was taken at the Ranch House at Vista Verde. Our calendar is really starting to come together!

We have made some great progress and we still have more to do…we’ll keep you posted as our time in Steamboat goes on!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!
Keela Harris - 7/7/09
Former DBC 2004-2008