Friday, July 24, 2009

Calendar Shoot Comes to a Close

Day 5

Hi everyone -

Today we were invited to spend the entire day at Jamie Temple’s property in Steamboat Springs. This house has everything from a 2,000 square foot guest house to terraced ponds, and infinite pools. This is such an exquisite property that we decided to do six of our shots here for the day. Tara Battiato’s picture was taken in the infinite pool with the Aspens in the background. The reflection of the sunrise created a luminous effect that will result in a beautiful photograph.

Mary Johnston’s shot was next. Mary’s shot looked like something out of a movie. The day started to warm up, the clouds burned away, and the steam from the pool rose to create a very exotic look. Amanda Lofland was last year’s cover girl. This year, her photograph was on a very contemporary s-shaped chair. Amanda is a veteran and very comfortable with modeling — we have a lot of great shots to choose from with her! After Amanda’s photograph was taken we had the afternoon to take advantage of the scenery and the pool. We took a little lunch break and soaked up some sun.

One of the things that made this day such a success was the support of the other DBC. All of the other DBC who had previously taken their calendar photographs decided to come out to the house for the day and support their peers and teammates. It always brings such a bright energy to the set when we have team members cheering one another on. After the staff had a little poolside rest, we were refreshed and ready to finish up with our last 3 shots of the day.

Serita Archuleta started things of with a bang in the afternoon. She was photographed in the middle of a spread of Aspens that really reminded us of the power and majesty of a Colorado forest.

Christina Connolly cooled things down in the afternoon in an outdoor shower near the pool in a stunning teal suit. Our next shot was our first and only night shot — Romi Bean. Since we had a little bit of time, we decided to BBQ while we were waiting for the sun to set. Once the sun went down Romi stepped back into the infinite pool for the final shot of the night. All of the swimming suits for the 2009-2010 calendar were Red Carter, and this one was a favorite. Romi’s suit was an elegant silver bikini that helped to create the perfect tone for the evening.

Day 6

After a late night, we started the day off with a sunrise shot with veteran, Sarah Karlan. Sarah’s shot was so much fun! It was media day for The Steamboat Springs Hot Air Balloon Rodeo, and we were lucky enough for this event and our calendar shoot to coincide. Sarah Karlan took some very energetic and fun shots inside and outside the hot air balloon. The set was full of energy, as most of us haven’t seen or ridden in a hot air balloon since we were kids.

In the afternoon, we did our final two shots of the day at one of the newest hot spots in Steamboat — The Ghost Ranch Saloon. Lindsey Dudley posed in the upstairs loft on a cowhide couch. Lindsey has such a bubbly and spirited personality that it made for a great way to start closing out the day! Kim Hidalgo did her shot in the downstairs VIP lounge at the saloon. Kim’s shot had more of a western flair with her cowgirl hat and boots!

Since the Rodeo is in town this weekend, we had to check it out. We all decided to head over to the Rodeo to watch barrel jumping, bareback Bronc riding, team roping and my favorite, bull riding! We have really wanted to take advantage of everything that we could while in Steamboat Springs, and this was definitely the cherry on top of a calendar trip of a lifetime. After the rodeo we went back over to the Ghost Ranch saloon to watch Andy Griggs in concert. The saloon was full of lively dancing, singing and laughter—what a blast!

Day 7

This morning was the big day in Steamboat Springs. We set up shop at the infamous Steamboat Springs Hot Air Balloon Rodeo. Candace posed in the midst of the hustle and bustle of one of the most exciting events in Colorado! Rob Hawthorne, photographer, didn’t have too many chances to capture the perfect shot because the hot air balloons were a little unpredictable…but at the end of the day, we ended up with the perfect day, perfect timing, and the perfect shot!

We finished our calendar and now we can start selecting the months and finish producing our final product for Broncos country. A special thanks to Steamboat Ski Resort Corporation, Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Group, Mountain Resorts, Steamboat Lake Marina, Ghost Ranch Saloon, Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Vista Verde Ranch, Jamie Temple, Steamboat Prudential, and the town and the people of Steamboat Springs Colorado. Our calendar will be released on August 15th at our release party. This year our release party will partner up for charity, Keeping Kids on Track. For more information, please visit us online at

Thank you for staying posted, we look forward to another great season!

Go Broncos!

Keela Harris 7/13/09
Former DBC 2004-2008