Monday, January 21, 2008


Aloha Broncos Country!

The DBC departed on January 16, 2008 and we have been traveling around for the past several days hosting cheerleading clinics for the youth of military families, meeting our troops and performing our 2 hour show for various branches of the military. It is about 3:59 am and we are waiting in the airport preparing to leave for Kwajalein-one of the midway islands, and according to many, “the best kept secret in the military”. We have only been gone for a few days, but the adventures and the incredible people just continue rolling into our path. Our first youth cheerleading clinic was the Kekaha dancers in Kauai. Our clinics host a variety of age groups; we have met the most sincere, passionate, honest, and beautiful young souls since we have been out here–the children of our heros. I could tell you specifics of everything we’ve done, but I don’t have an incredible amount of time, rather, I would like to tell you the overall impact that this trip has had in the first few days alone. This tour is unique–each tour is different, but this tour is very special in its own right. Having had the opportunity to travel abroad for the last two years to visit our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan was and still is an honor–we were invited into the lives of so many of our military heros. We heard of their families (both the things missed and the things cherrished), we spent time in the mess halls eating and breaking bread, we wore flack jackets and traveled with the up most caution at all times on military flights, and most importantly, in the midst of all of that we were given a glimpse that only those who serve are priviledged to see. We were invited into those stories. Like I said, this tour is unique–we are meeting families re-united with their loved ones who have been overseas. It is up-beat and lively. This trip has been full of life! We have actually met several soldiers who were able to catch our show while previously deployed.

Yesterday we had a break in our schedule and decided to go out on a limb and take advantage of the more adventurous side of Hawaii. We went sky diving!! I have to say it was the most incredible experience and a beautiful moment in time. As I jumped out of the plane and passed through the clouds I was in awe of the beauty and the power of nature. For about 59 seconds in time I was flying–as I soared over Honolulu, I was grateful..I am grateful–for freedom, for our troops, and for life. We still have many stops on our tour after Kwajalein–heading to Guam and Japan. I will try to keep everyone posted, and I will pass along your support to our friends dedicated to protecting our freedom overseas.

Take care & God Bless!

Keela (1/21/08)