Thursday, October 25, 2007

The BPT Rock Texas

The Belles Performance Team returned from attending the Ft. Worth Alliance Air Show this past weeked with excitement and fond memories. Over 200,000 aviation enthusiasts attended the show and many stopped to see the BPT perform dance routines that spanned in music from the 1960's to today.

The Navy Blue Angels were flying overhead. This was the best spot to view the show!

The BPT were a special hit at Saturday nights VIP Ramp party, where they performed for many of the military personnel that were performing and exhibiting at the show. Pilots from the Navy Blue Angels and the Army Sky Soldiers were in attendance. This was truly the Top Gun of today's military pilots. Each branch of the armed forces gave the BPT members pins, stickers and patches, trying to brand them as their own.

Danielle, Katie, and Patty get to know the Navy

"It was a small USO style performance," states Cher Fox, BPT Owner and Executive Director, "but the personnel kept yelling for encore after encore! It was really a unique and exciting opportunity for the BPT, one I will never forget!"

The BPT, as the Osprey Girls, sitting pretty

Sunday, the BPT spent the day with the crew of the hybrid helicopter/plane, the Osprey, featured in last week's smash DVD release The Transformers. They assisted the crew with merchandise sales, performed for the hundreds of people standing in line to tour the unique aircraft, took pictures on and around the aircraft and shot a high definition video of the BPT performing in front of the Osprey. What a day!

Bell Helicopter, makers of the Osprey, shoot the BPT in high definition performing with the Osprey in the background

Monday morning, Southwest Academy welcomed the BPT to talk about the organization and perform for the students. Although most of the students were strict Dallas Cowboys fans, they engaged in Q & A with the Belles on topics such as dancer biographies and the planes featured on the BPT's 2007 aviation themed poster. After 2 performances which left one student speechless and "without comment it was so good", the BPT autographed the posters and wished the students well with the rest of their school day.

Southwest Academy Visit and Performance

"This trip was especially close to my heart," comments Cher. "My parents, Joe and Cae Sullivan, hosted the team for the weekend and my nephew attends Southwest Academy, so it was an honor to share my passion and love of dance with him and his fellow students. He was so proud to have us there, he could barely find the courage and words to introduce us! That is him in the front row on the right proudly displaying our poster. Thanks Mom and Dad for the slumber party!"

Osprey Maintenance 101

The Belles plan to repeat this exciting event when they attend the Aviation Nation Airshow in Las Vegas the weekend of Veteran's Day in November.

Signing a poster for a fan (look at the line behind them to tour the Osprey!)

To learn more about this unique and amazing aircraft, the Osprey, visit here.