Tuesday, October 21, 2008

RockStarz announce their 2009 team!

Congratulations 2008-2009 Rocky Mountain Alumni Denver Rock Starz
**In no particular order**

Megan Savage-Director
Becky Hamm-Assistant Director
Bree Cooey-Team Manager
Ashley Mouw
Lorin O’Toole
Kim Spuhler
Keri Grogan
Stephanie Cary
Caty Sue Green
Lindy Koucky

Thank you for auditioning for the 2008-2009 Denver Rock Starz dance team. It was a fantastic audition and a DIFFICULT decision for the judges!

Please remember other Rock Starz connections that you may get involved in throughout the year. The Rocky Mountain Pro Cheerleader Alumni Association is soon to be an active group in the community and a fantastic way to stay connected with Rock Starz. In addition, Ardent Works Entertainment will be contacting some of you for additional dance/modeling opportunities.

Thanks for your time and energy! No matter what the result, we hope you continue to be an advocate for Rock Starz, stay involved with this growing program, and wish you the best of luck with life endeavors!

Megan Savage & Rock Starz Staff
Megan Savage
Rocky Mountain Rock Starz

Familiar Faces: Megan, Becky, Keri, Caty Sue and Lindy are former Denver Nuggets Dancers. Ashley, Bree and Kim are former Colorado Crush Girls.