Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Cheerleader's Game Day

Hello Broncos Fans!! My name is Romi Bean, and this is my fourth season as a Denver Broncos Cheerleader. I have to say that I enjoy it more and more each year! This year, there will be three cheerleaders rotating on this blog, so we can give you variety and different perspectives. Thanks to the extensive media coverage, it is easy for our fans to be involved and aware of the news, highlights, and rigorous practices of our Denver Broncos football team. Through the daily news, Jay Cutler Live, post game recaps and broadcasts and of course, the exciting Sunday match-ups, we can all keep our “Broncos I.Q.” very high.

In the spirit of boosting our “Broncos I.Q.” even higher, I thought I would talk about some of the aspects of being a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos. Connecting with our fans is of utmost importance to us, and hopefully you will all get to know us a little better by the end of this blog!

Just like the players, we have a very intense game day schedule that keeps us on our toes and demands our full energy all day long. Before we set foot on the field at 2:05, we have a field rehearsal four hours prior to game time. As a cheerleader, timeliness is essential – and we all tend to follow the old saying “if you are early, you are on time, and if you are on time, you are late!” This means we all arrive at the stadium about five hours before the game so we can stretch, unpack our bags, and practice on our own before field rehearsal. During field rehearsal, we run through all of the dance routines that we will be performing that day. Our Director and Director of Game Day Entertainment, Teresa Shear, and choreographer, Shelly Trujillo, expect our routines to be flawless at this point – this means no memory mistakes, strong technique, and performances that are energetic and powerful. We have approximately one hour to perform all of our routines and need to be off the field by 11.00; at this point many players from the opposing team head onto the field to practice their “routines” for the upcoming game.

Following field rehearsal we head into our locker room to eat lunch and get ready for promotional events that are held throughout the stadium before the game begins. Around 12:30, Shelly rounds up the ladies and off we go to our promotions! If you go to the games, this is a great time to come and meet some of us and get some autographs as well! You can find us in the team store, the Budweiser Champions Club, the East and West Clubs, the Broncos Barn, and various other spots. Of all the pre-game promotions, the Broncos Barn is my personal favorite, because we get to meet so many excited and energized fans. Everyone has face paintings, awesome jerseys, and that Mile High Spirit which makes you the best fans in the NFL!! At the Barn, we sign autographs and then perform two dances for the tailgaters – it’s “sneak peek” of some of the dances we will be performing during the game. If you get a chance, definitely come to the Broncos Barn before the season ends – you will love it!

After our pre-game promotions, we rush back to the locker room to make sure we are 100% ready for the game, and before we know it, we are on the field welcoming our 2008 Denver Broncos! The three or four hours of game time are exhilarating, exciting and absolutely breathtaking – to explain all the details definitely requires another blog entry, so stay tuned for more and more as the season progresses!! I can’t wait to get to know our Broncos fans better through this bog, and I look forward to your comments! Have a great week, and GO BRONCOS!!

One more thing – we are 4-1!!

-Romi (10/9/08)