Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MHSM October 2008 Girl in Your Corner - Bridget Black

Name: Bridget Black
Profession: Denver Nuggets Dancer

Why are you most excited about being a Nuggets Dancer?
I’m most excited to perform at my favorite sports games in front of thousands of people!

You’re new to the job and it’s basically a whole new team. What do you like about this year’s team?
I like that everyone is new and motivated with great attitudes.

Describe the perfect date.
My perfect date would be watching a breakthrough neurosurgery with a rocket scientist that happens to be hilarious.

Where is your favorite Denver hotspot?
I just moved to Denver, so I don’t have one yet.

Who’s your favorite Nugget?
Allen Iverson is my favorite player because he has proved himself and is an amazing player.

Describe the greatest sporting event you’ve ever attended.
Rose Bowl, 2002, Miami vs. Nebraska; it was my last game dancing for the University of Miami and we won! Go ‘Canes!

Outside of the Nuggets, who is your favorite athlete?
Michael Jordan, I know that’s old school, but I can’t get over it.

The Nuggets Dancers always seem to come up with some “fan favorite” outfits. Any sneak preview for the fans?
No sneak preview, but we have all new hot outfits for all the new hot girls!

Let’s play a little “either / or.” Pick your preference.

Sports car or SUV?

Sweats and sneakers or dress and heels?
Sweats and sneakers.

Home cooking or fine dining?
Fine dining.

iPod or radio?

Suite seats or courtside?
Suite seats.

What’s the biggest misconception about dancers?
That they are not intelligent.