Monday, March 31, 2008

Belles Performance Team Workshop and Auditions Q & A

We are excited for you to experience a different kind of audition situation, one with a lot of coaching and feedback so you are comfortable and challenged every step of the way.

The Pre-Audition workshop is rapidly approaching. Thursday, 8 - 10 pm, at the 24 Hour Fitness on the corner of Colorado and Alameda near Cherry Creek. Auditions, same location, Saturday, registration starts at 11:30 am, Auditions start promptly at noon.

We have received some great questions from interested ladies that we would like to share the answers to.

What should I wear to the pre-audition workshop?

Whatever you are comfortable dancing in. This does not have to match the requested audition attire of a sports bra and form fitting shorts but for the coaches to give you good feedback, you should wear form fitting clothing pants and shirts so they can see how your body moves and make the appropriate critiques for your audition preparation.

Do workout shoes count as dance/tennis shoes?

Yes. Cross trainers count as tennis shoes. If you already have dance shoes, it is recommended that you wear them so you can turn to your fullest ability on the wood dance floor. But many current members practice in tennis shoes so you can still do a great job and be comfortable.

Does sports bra and form fitting shorts mean the bejeweled bikinis worn for other team's auditions?

No. You do not need to spend a fortune or be so exposed in an audition outfit for the Belles. We are looking to see what your current fitness level is and how your body moves while you dance. Many of our uniforms are 2 piece midriff exposing but not near as small as a bikini. Rhinestones and skin are not necessary to judge the talent and personality of a performer.

Where do I get audition materials, applications, etc.?

Applications and waivers will be handed out at the Pre-Audition Workshop. They will also be available the morning of auditions at registration. To complete this beforehand, the application and waiver will be available online at all day Friday and Saturday morning. There will be links to these documents on the Audition page of the website.

What if I can't do the splits, will this hurt me at auditions?

Although this is a required skill to complete at auditions, the lack of this skill may not keep you from being selected to bootcamp. Bootcamp will give you 3 more weeks to continue to work on achieving this skill. 24 Hour Fitness will be working with the team vigorously during bootcamp to improve flexibility, strength, fitness and endurance. If flexibility is a weak area for you, then speak up and get the help you need to solidify your spot on the team during bootcamp. If we can see progress in the right direction, this will keep you moving forward in the BPT selection process. In the meantime, stretch, stretch, stretch!

What is the age maximum to participate on the team?

The Belles have no age maximum, we just require that you are 18 and older to audition for legal reasons. The owner of the team has previously performed with beautiful, fit and talented ladies into their early 40s so if you've still got it, bring it!

Good luck at Auditions!