Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Colorado Crush Girls 2008 Open Call


All Rounds: Dec 15th, 2007
Registration begins at 10:00 AM at Pepsi Center.
Participants will be evaluated with an opportunity to be invited to the final round.

To all those applying:

Requirements: You must be at least 21 years of age by March 2nd . There is no age limit other than this. You must have a headshot. This does not have to be a professional picture; however, it should be no smaller than a 5x7 and a clear photograph of you and only you. You must have a resume. This should simply list any performance/promotional/marketing experience you may have, along with anything else you would like the judges to know.

Please note: the auditions are closed to observers, so please leave your family and friends at home.

Audition Attire: The audition attire is a pair of jeans with a fitted top (if you are not sure what this looks like, see the picture attached). You will also need a 2 piece swim suit if you are chosen for the final round.

Please note: YOU HAVE TO WEAR SNEAKERS. Only non-marking soles will be permitted on the practice floor. Your hair and make up should be done as if you were in a performance.

Audition Format: Each applicant will need to have a one minute speech prepared that will be given in front of a panel of judges. Be prepared to tell the judges about yourselves. What exactly makes you a perfect candidate for our team? Do you have any hidden talents? Have you ever done any acting? What about modeling? Impress the judges with your personality and speaking abilities.

There will be two more workshops included in the process: one will be a photo shoot, where you can show your best shot, and the other will be a video interview, where you will be able to practice your speech in front of the camera.

**It is best to not make any other plans for the day as there is no exact time for the audition to end.

Time Commitment: The time commitment during the season is between 4 and 20 hours a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. During the AFL season, meetings will be held once a week in the evenings.

There will be a mandatory training camp held either the end of January or the beginning of February (dates TBD).

All those selected for the team will be required attend the training camp with no exceptions. Games are played on both weekday and weekend evenings.

On game days, the Crush Girls are required to arrive at the arena 2 hours prior to game time. The position is not full time. All of the Crush Girls are either full-time students, or have full/part time jobs. The position is paid on a per game/per appearance basis and there are other forms of compensation as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know where to go when I arrive at the Pepsi Center?
A: There will be signs and people directing you to the correct entrance.

Q: How many Crush Girls do you take?
A: Anywhere from 12-20 "Dancers".

Q: How many spots are open?
A: All of them

Q: I can't make it on December 15th. Is there any other way to "audition"?
A: No. Due to the high volume of applicants, we do not have any further auditions nor do we accept video submissions.

Directions: From Speer Blvd, turn onto Chopper Circle and take your next right. Park in Lot C adjacent to the light rail tracks. Walk toward the Elitch Gardens bridge, you will see the Executive Tower Entrance to Pepsi Center. Enter through the double doors and check in with security. Take the elevator to level A.

Please Note: The Crush Girls are no longer a dance team. No practices, no choreographer, no director. Strictly a promotions group.