Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 - 2008 Mob Squad

Girls (Left to Right):
Lindsey Judd, Crystal Schaefer, Julie Lee, Audrey Gibson, Luz Plaatjes, Paige Evans, Antoinette DeGeorge, Rachel Bourgault, Micaela Seiden, Kate Patterson.

Boys (Left to Right):
Eppie Deleon, John Gillette, Skye Edwards, Michael Jaycox.

The 2007-8 season will be the Mob Squad's second season as a Denver Nuggets entertainment group. Their high energy hip-hop routines have quickly become a crowd favorite.

Under the direction of Kenny Jimenez and assistants Eppie Deleon and John Gillette, the routines consist of a variety of hip-hop styles, including popping-and-locking and break dance. The Mob Squad is a step above other hip-hop crews as they fuse a number of different hip-hop styles and have been known to not only perform to today’s hip-hop music, but to break into routines to the music of James Brown, Herbie Hancock, and other sounds from a variety of decades.

Jimenez’s choreography can be seen all over Denver and throughout the nation. He has choreographed and performed as a back-up dancer for numerous nationally touring acts as well as produced many of his own productions. Through his dance agency, Motion Entertainment, and his training ground of Motion Underground Dance Studio in Denver, many of Jimenez’s former students have gone on to tour with such acts as Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, Hilary Duff, Cirque Du Soleil and more.

The ladies: