Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NLL Girl of the Week: Elite Eight, Round 3, Sammie vs. Corinne

Stop what you’re doing. Round 3 of the life altering NLL Girl of the Week is finally here. For the past two months you, the fans, have voted for your girl of the week. Winner has moved on to the Elite Eight where she will compete her way through the rounds for the title of NLL Girl Of The Year.

Round 3 blesses us with the reappearances of Sammie and Corinne. Sammie is a three year veteran from the Colorado Mammoth who loves her blackened chicken from Cheesecake Factory as much as her pup Roxy. Corinne of the Calgary Roughnecks not only dances but is a business student, treasury analyst and bank teller all in one.

Round 2 of the Elite Eight registered nearly 10,000 votes. 69% of which were in favor of the Stealth’s Kendalyn over Calgary’s Petra. Congrats to Kendalyn who will be moving on to the Final Four!

Check out this week’s picks as well as an eight round recap after the jump.
Here is a quick recap of the sweet sixteen:

NLL GOW Round 1: Amy vs. Kayleigh – Kayleigh

NLL GOW Round 2: Stephanie vs. Candace – Stephanie

NLL GOW Round 3: Hilary vs. Petra – Petra

NLL GOW Round 4: Kendalyn vs Cary – Kendalyn

NLL GOW Round 5: Jenna vs. Sammie - Sammie

NLL GOW Round 6: Corinne vs. Sonrose – Corinne

NLL GOW Round 7: Steph vs. Sara – Sara

NLL GOW Round 8: Jes vs Joelle – Joelle

Occupation: Full time student, Youth cheer coach, Server for Texas Roadhouse
Year on the Team: 3 Year Veteran

Hometown: Denver, CO

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Fav food/place to eat: Blackened Chicken with Peppers, Cheesecake Factory

Fav thing/characteristic about living in CO? I love our blazing hot summers, and snowy, white winters

Song playing on Ipod right now:Trouble by Bei Major feat. J.Cole

Most adventurous thing you have ever done: I don’t get too crazy with adventure, so my most adventurous thing I have ever done would have to be riding out on a motorcycle in front of thousands of fans at a Mammoth game! Go Mammoth!

Cannot leave home without? Ipod, and a great pair of shoes!

Surprising fact about myself: I love to cook, and think I am good at it! If I could be a celebrity chef, I would!

Fav place to travel, or want to travel to? I love Vegas, and would like to travel to Mexico and Australia.

Describe perfect day: My perfect day would be a hot summer day playing in the water on jet skis, or tubing. Then I would tan by the water with the one I love most, and my adorable dog, Roxy. That night I would take the boat out to a fancy dinner that overlooks the water and watch the sunset.

Who is the NLL Girl Of The Week? Vote for Sammie here.