Friday, January 28, 2011


Second-year member of Colorado's Wild Bunch Dance Team wins this week's voting

This week's Girl of the Week, Alexis, hails from the Wild Bunch in Colorado. Kelsey recently weighed in with on a variety of different subjects, ranging from the fans at the Pepsi Center to Brian Langtry's flow.

Check out the interview and video below, and be sure to check out more of the Wild Bunch Dance Team at their website. Where did you go to school?
Alexis: I graduated from Grandview High School! Go Wolves! I studied Special Education at The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Where do you currently reside?
Alexis: In Denver, the best city in the WORLD! What dancing experience do you have? How did you get started?
Alexis: I started dancing when I was 13 years old at Dance Intensity! I was trained in Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Poms. Hip Hop is my favorite style of dance. I was also on the Poms squad in high school. What do you do when you're not cheering on the Mammoth at the Pepsi Center?
Alexis: I also Volunteer at the Johnson Adult Day Program, a program for individuals who have neurological changes and physical disabilities. It is so much fun! I get to dance and sing songs all day and be a goof ball with some amazing people! How would you describe yourself? How do you think friends would describe you?
Alexis: I would describe myself as very outgoing and hardworking. My friends would probably describe me as very energetic and say that no matter where I am or if there is music or not I am always dancing!! What is your biggest pet peeve?
Alexis: My biggest pet peeve would probably be rude people. I believe that having a kind heart and a genuine attitude is worth far more than a pretty face. What is your favorite part of cheering on the Mammoth?
Alexis: The energy from the fans. We really do have the best fans in the league. Hearing them cheer the Wild Bunch and the team on really makes all the hard work preparing for the games worth it! Who is your favorite Mammoth player? Any reason in particular?
Alexis: I would probably pick Mac Allen because he is in Law school, and a professional athlete. I think the fact that he is able to balance both is a really admirable accomplishment. It's really awesome, we have such a well-rounded group of guys out there. However, Brian Langtry does come in a close second because of his "sick flow." What's the best part of the NLL?
Alexis: The fan loyalty! NLL games are much different from other sports because the same fans show up every game to cheer us on. We get to know the fans, and they get to know us. It's a much closer bond I feel than some of the other sports get. Sort of like a big, huge, loud rowdy family. I love it! If you could say one thing to the fans in Colorado, what would it be?
Alexis: You are the absolute best! You are the reason I show up every single day! I appreciate every single fan that voted for me, and that comes to the games! I love you guys!! Go Mammoth! Finish the sentence. The Wild Bunch is...
Alexis: Not as wild as you would think! We actually are all very professional at practice, and work very hard. We have a great group of 14 talented, beautiful, smart and loving girls! We all get along so well, and really help each other out. I am so proud of the girls I work with out on that field! My perfect day is...
Alexis: With my family! My role model is...
Alexis: My step-mom Kathy. She is the most amazing person in the world! One day, I hope to be... Alexis: An international volunteer! You may be surprised to know that I...
Alexis: Wear glasses 98% of the time. When I am not dancing the "specs" are on my face!