Friday, October 22, 2010

Rivalry Renewed

Hey Broncos fans!

I’m Amanda, and this is my third season as a Denver Broncos Cheerleader. Although, I’ve been a cheerleader for three years, I have been a Broncos fan my whole life.

Many fans wonder if we all really love to watch football, and it’s true, we do! I’ve been lucky enough to have attended many games before I was on the team. The home games are always amazing, but every away game is just as important as the homes games!

There are definitely two teams I feel we ALWAYS want to beat, home or away. Of course, they are two teams in our division — the Chargers and this week’s opponent, the Raiders.

Fans, are you ready for Raider week?! The Raiders will be coming into our house this weekend and we all know it’s going to be a wild game.

The rivalry between us and the Raiders goes back a ways — most remember it going back to a key game in 1977. John Madden, who was coach for the Raiders back then, credits a lot of the rivalry to our Orange Crush fan base. And how the fans were truly so loud and fanatical that it would really mess with the team’s head.

That energy and emotion in our fans really counts on game day. Not only does it pump up the Broncos when we are on defense, but it is always a reminder of the rivalry we’ve had for so long, and how important it is to beat the Raiders.

As a DBC, we are so fortunate to experience so many different things that make us feel so lucky. Last season we were given the opportunity to go to an away Raiders game.

It was such an amazing experience to go watch the Broncos beat the Raiders in their stadium. We all play a part in game day, and you, the fans are our most important part in how we set the tone for that day. So get your Raider-hater shirt on for Sunday, do your favorite pre-game ritual, and get ready for the rivalry to continue.


- Amanda

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