Friday, October 22, 2010

Colorado Mammoth Wild Bunch 2011 Auditions

Mammoth fans watch out for the hot new dance team
October 17, 2010 Credit:Jessica Taussig

Colorado Mammoth lacrosse players prepare for the 2011 season ahead while their Wild Bunch dance team holds annual tryouts. This past weekend at the Pepsi Center over 70 talented dancers auditioned in hopes of making the final 14.

Coach, Amy Jo Wagner puts each girl to the test in search for Denver’s most entertaining women for the Mammoth fans. These professional dancers are important to improve the performance of the players and to pep up the fans.

After Saturday’s challenging routine rehearsal only 21 girls moved on. On Sunday, the second day of the tryout process, the remaining girls were interviewed and got their headshots for the 2011 season roster. The remaining 21 girls proceed to the next step continuing onto the Wild Bunch training camp to narrow down the team to the final number of 14 girls. Nonetheless the Wild Bunch semi-finalists are looking good in their sports bras and dance shorts and are bound to excite the crowd this spring.

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