Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inside the Life of a DBC

Howdy Broncos Country!

Our first regular season home game is just DAYS away and I could not be more excited! All summer (since May!) the Cheerleaders have been preparing for the season by practicing and attending charity and promotional events.

We are often confronted with similar questions by the fans, so I thought I’d try to shed light on some of the most frequent questions we hear in case you haven’t had a chance to ask us yourself! I also hope this helps you to better understand the life of a Denver Broncos Cheerleader and what it’s like to dance for the best team in the NFL!

Do you have a weight requirement? I get this question a lot, and it always surprises me. No, we do not have weigh-ins, and there is no weight requirement. We are accountable for keeping fit so we look and feel our best in our uniforms, and represent the Broncos and the rest of our teammates well. Also, DBC’s have always been known for our abs and we want to maintain that reputation!

Do you guys eat? YES, we eat a lot!! I can’t go 2 hours without eating! It takes a lot of energy to get through practices and game days, so rabbit food diets won’t cut it either. Eating a balanced, healthy diet helps us looking and feeling our best, but cutting out all junk food is not realistic. My personal favorite is Mexican food, and one of our line captains (Nicole) even bakes treats for the team to celebrate birthdays!

Do you travel with the football team? No, we do not travel with the team. In fact, the NFL mandates against our being on the field of an opposing team during away games, with the exception of the Super Bowl, which is played on a neutral field. Life as a DBC is already so busy, I can’t imagine having a family, working or going to school full time AND traveling to away games. Our team does travel occasionally, several of the veterans performed on a AFE (Armed Forces Entertainment) tour in Australia last March!

How often do you practice? We have 2 formal rehearsals per week, each lasting anywhere between 4-5 hours in length. Most of us spend 1-2 nights per week “practicing for practice,” especially during the early summer months as we prepare the bulk of our routines for the season. By the first preseason game, we have 25-30 routines, and once the season kicks off we continue to learn new material. It is our responsibility to come prepared to rehearsal, so for many of us, extra practice time is often required.

Do you get paid? I get this question a lot, too. Yes, we are paid. I won’t tell you how much, but I will say it is enough. It is not about the money; field level seats for every home game are worth it in itself! We all feel so blessed to be able to do what we love (dance and perform), for the team that we love (the Broncos!!), and feel it is a bonus to be compensated for it.

Are the girls nice? Does everyone get along? Surprisingly enough, yes! On the field, we are professional and always act with the best interest of the team in mind. Off the field, I have made some of my best friends in life. It’s impossible to be best friends with 25 other women, but I trust that every one of my teammates would have my back in a heartbeat if it came down to it.

Do you have to tryout every year? Yes, all 26 women must compete for their spot at auditions each year, and trust me, no one is safe.

Hope to see you at the game this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks!

Go Broncos!

My best always,

- Katie