Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 - 2011 Denver Nuggets Dancers Break It Down

Nuggets Dancers square off for the final cut
August 21, 2010 Credit:Nathan Martin
Denver Metromix

The Pepsi Center was red hot on this fine Saturday afternoon, with some of the hottest dancers in Denver. The big stage was set for the 2010-2011 Denver Nuggets Dancers final auditions. As Metromix entered the gym, tensions were high and dancers were on top of their game, in hopes to make the final cut. The music blasted while each dancer tried to execute each move to impress the intimidating panel of judges.

The remaining 24 dancers were at their last audition to make the final 18 for the season. The last steps were made and the panel of judges deliberated. One of the final 18 girls was Nicole Hurdle who had some really fancy footwork on the dance floor.

Come down to the Pepsi Center this season to check out the hottest dancers in the NBA!

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