Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miss Colorado Blogs

Hi Friends,

Exactly one month ago, I was in Las Vegas for the experience of a lifetime! I was competing for the crown of Miss America 2010, and it was the most amazing, life-changing, wonderful time of my life! I feel so blessed and am so grateful to have made it into the top 12! I hope I made Colorado proud!

I would like to thank the Miss Colorado Organization and Board of Directors, Wayne and Suzi Doland, Katee Mink, Christi Demetrion, Jamie Dukehart-Conti, and all of those who helped with my Miss America preparations and gave me guidance and support. I'd also like to thank my family, all my friends, and Janelle, Stacey, Melaina, Kayla, Caley and Morgan for cheering me on and making me feel so loved!

Every day I was in Las Vegas was memorable, exciting and so much fun! One of my favorite moments was the IHOP breakfast appearance. Flipping pancakes was quite an event, and I must say, I'm pretty good with a spatula! All of the contestants were able to meet some of the children who are part of Children's Miracle Network, and hearing their amazing survival stories was very humbling. It was really inspirational to learn about what they've fought through, and where they're at now in their lives.

I am excited to be back home in Colorado and I am now looking forward to my last 4 months serving as your Miss Colorado. I have had so many experiences that I will always cherish. One of my favorite appearances this year was the Veterans Luncheon at the Rocky Mountain Airspace Museum. At this event, I got to visit with Governor Bill Ritter, Gateway High School ROTC members and Veterans of Americas Armed Forces. While visiting with the veterans, I was truly touched to hear their stories of how they served our country and I felt very blessed to be one of their fellow Americans.

I will also be graduating this spring from the University of Colorado and I will be receiving my degree in Photography, with a minor in Psychology. The scholarship money I have earned through the Miss Colorado and Miss America Organizations have helped to pay for my education and will continue to help me as I pursue my Arts Education License to teach secondary education.

As my year is winding down, I'm excited for workshops to begin and to meet all the new contestants who will be competing for the job of Miss Colorado 2010!

All my best,

Katie Layman
Miss Colorado 2009