Monday, June 2, 2008

Denver Nuggets Dancers Auditions: Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to become a Nuggets Dancer?

The Denver Nuggets are interested in hiring diverse performers with a strong level of commitment to the team. The judges will be looking for:
* Dance ability
* Enthusiasm
* Figure
* Personal Appearance
* Personality

What skill/technique level is required to be a Nuggets Dancer?

The Nuggets Dancers perform a variety of styles of dance including hip-hop, jazz, and character routines. Each of these styles will be evaluated during the audition process. Dancers should be able to perform basic dance technique including, but not limited to, double pirouettes, side leaps, and high kicks.

What can I do to prepare myself for the auditions?

Participation in prep classes is the best way to prepare for auditions. To register for prep classes or for more information, click HERE. Dancers should also get plenty of rest, exercise regularly, and follow a well-balanced meal plan.

What is the time commitment of a Nuggets Dancer?

This is not a full-time job. Dancers will need to commit approximately 20-25 hours per week.

How often do the Dancers practice?

Nuggets Dancers will practice Tuesday and Thursday nights, as well as Sunday afternoons (exact times to be determined). Due to Nuggets home game scheduling, additional practices may be scheduled on Monday or Wednesday evenings throughout the season.

What time do the Nuggets Dancers have to arrive at the arena on game days?

Arrival time for the Nuggets Dancers is 3.5 hours prior to game time. For example, dancers need to be at Pepsi Center at 3:30 p.m. for a 7:00 p.m. game.

Are there height and weight requirements?

No, height and weight must only be proportionate.

Should I cover my tattoos / piercings?

Yes. Having tattoos or piercings will not hurt your chances of becoming a Nuggets Dancer, but they can be distracting to the judges. We strongly suggest you cover any visible tattoos with make up and remove any body piercings.

Can my family and friends watch auditions?

No, auditions are closed to the public.

What do I need to bring to auditions?

The audition process is strenuous! Bring plenty of water and snacks to help you through each day. Dancers will not be allowed to leave the premises for food once the auditions begin. Other items to have on hand at auditions:
* Knee-pads
* Additional pairs of pantyhose
* Alternative shoes to dance in
* Warm-ups (to stay warm between auditions)
* I-pod, book, or other form of entertainment to use while judges deliberate

Will I need to choreograph my own routine?

Yes, each semi-finalist will be asked to prepare a 45-60 second piece of choreography. Music, style of dance, props, and costumes are left to the discretion of each semi-finalist.

How many dancers will be chosen for the 2008-09 dance team?

We are looking to hire between 14 and 24 dancers to attend the Nuggets Dancers Training Camp. The final team will consist of 14-18 dancers.

Do current team members have to re-audition?

Yes, regardless of previous employment, all dancers must re-audition each season.

What can I do to stand out from the rest of the dancers auditioning?

Attire is crucial. Plan ahead and be creative in selecting your audition attire.
Be enthusiaitic throughout the process. We’re looking for dancers with positive attitudes and a good work ethic.

Let us get to know you! Although you will not be judged on your performance at prep classes, you will be noticed if we see you at multiple classes.

Can I attend prep classes and auditions if I’m not 18?

Yes. Dancers must be at least 16 years old to attend prep classes. Dancers under 18 must have a parent/ guardian present to sign waivers.

Can I request a copy of the judges score sheets after auditions?

No. Score sheets are not available for candidates to review.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Nuggets Dancers Director, Amy Jo Wagner at