Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Perfect Night for MNF!

Wow, what a change. Last night’s game against the Tennessee Titans contrasted drastically against the previous two home games. At the Green Bay game, there was more green and yellow in the stands than I would prefer to see at a Broncos home game. Against Pittsburgh, I saw too many Terrible Towels being waved in the air.

However, the moment I walked onto the field last night, it felt different. I could tell there was a lot of excitement in the air. After the Broncos came off a great away win against Kansas City, Broncos Nation was pumped. Right before the Broncos took the field the fans were going crazy. Almost every seat in the house had an orange pom pom and was waving it in the air. I could tell that our fans were back and in full force.

The Broncos organization ran a huge campaign last week – wear it loud and wear it proud! And they did. Prior to the game, I was in the Broncos Barn tent where I was greeted with many enthusiastic fans. I saw fans with spray-painted hair, orange and blue faces, encouraging signs, and plenty of energy. They were ready for another Broncos win.

The evening proved to be quite exciting as the Broncos took the lead and held onto it. Going into Thanksgiving week, this gives us all something to be thankful for.

Fans, continue to wear it loud and proud. I know your support reflects down onto the field and affects the players. Cheer them on; get excited! This season is not over yet!

- Laura (11/20/07)