Monday, March 31, 2014

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Tryouts Begin

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DENVER – Women from all over the country are vying for a coveted spot on the 2014 Denver Broncos Cheerleading squad.

Sunday was round one; whittling hundreds of dancers down to just 60, which will then be sliced to just 26 next Sunday.

It’s kicks, turns, head rolls and high intensity choreography, all with a smile. Kayleigh Orr said, “You’ve just got to keep the right mindset and power through it.”

Hundreds were hoping to catch the judges’ attention and stand out from the crowd.

Teresa Shear is the Director of the cheerleaders. She said, “We have women from all over the country to try out for the Denver Broncos cheerleaders.” The competition is also a little tougher this year. “2013 was such an amazing season, not only for the Broncos, but for the Broncos cheerleaders,” Shear added. That’s because they performed at regular season games, two home play-off games and the Super Bowl.

With so many great dancers and so few spots, these women really have to put their best foot forward. Natalie Chernow said, “We are athletes, I trained so hard for this audition.” Orr said she, “train(s) as hard as I can, stretch, eat healthy and be as prepared as possible.”

But it’s friendly competition. “For me, it’s totally inspiring to see so many girls that are so good and it ups my level of competition,” Chernow said.

While Sunday’s audition focused mostly on dance ability; the women that make it through to the next round have to go through interviews, a football test and more dancing.

The finals on Sunday, April 6th are open to the public. You can find ticket information HERE.