Thursday, April 4, 2013

Holly Flaherty's Pro Cheerleader Workout

The NEW Pro Cheerleader Workout is sure to get you ready for that next audition or to
help you earn the body of a professional cheerleader!

Holly used her years as a Denver Bronco's Cheerleader to design this workout for the cheerleaders with all the aspects of dance, cheer, flexibility and endurance in mind...AND NOW SHE IS SHARING IT WITH YOU!

This 60 minute workout will slim & sculpt your body into swimsuit calendar shape!

This workout was designed for the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders with all the aspects of dance, cheerleading, flexibility and endurance in mind. The workout is like having 3 workouts in 1...cardio, toning and stretching! When done without resting you will stay in your fat burning zone and lose inches off your legs, hips, butt, abs and arms!

Best of all you will have fun while burning up to 500 calories!

But the DVD here.