Friday, October 7, 2011

Photos: Wild Bunch dancer hopefuls hit the practice floor

Taking a walk on the wild side with Mammoth's Wild Bunch
Taken: October 6, 2011 | Credit: Laura Kelley

The Wild Bunch Dancers gave “no guts, no glory” a whole new meaning during their practice Wednesday night at Forza Fitness and Performance Club in downtown Denver. The 18 finalists endured an intense workout and rehearsal session that would have made Tony Horton proud.

The lovely ladies kicked off the evening with an intense 45 minute cardio and strength training session that incorporated stairs, sprints, lunges, balance balls, killer ab work, and a few push-ups thrown in just for fun.

Then, before you could say "H20" it was time for some deep stretching before dance rehearsal kicked into full swing. The ladies are learning a routine for the new Mammoth season, but more importantly, they’re showing the coaches if they have what it takes to walk on the wild side. Only 14 of the 18 finalists will be selected for the squad, which is expected to be announced this Friday.

If it was up to Metromix all these dancers would be hitting the dance floor in 2012. Ladies: We salute you with two high kicks, a twirl and splits (and now that we’ve done that, we’re really hoping there’s some ice packs left in the Metromix fridge..OUCH!!). —Laura Kelley, Special to Metromix.