Monday, August 22, 2011

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders set hearts racing

Broncos Cheerleaders Calendar release heats up the track
August 19, 2011
Credit: Laura Kelley

The Denver Broncos cheerleaders traded in their pom poms for racing helmets Friday night as they kicked off their 2012 Calendar Release with a little friendly competition.

The lovely ladies met up with their fans at The Track at Centennial for a little go-kart racing. Hundreds of people showed up to the event, which raised money for the Keeping Kids on Track Program. Money raised goes to help at-risk youth who are members of the Tennyson Center for Children and The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.

Before gearing up to hit the track, the beauties spent some time with their fans putting their Jane Hancocks on that steamy 2012 calendar (and yes, we even snagged one to put up in our Metromix office because You know, for the kids). Overall, it was a successful night with the ladies giving the pros a run for their money on the track (if you think these girls can throw a mean high kick on the field you should see them going 60 mph around the track).

If you missed the event, you didn’t miss out on the new calendar. Just head over to the Broncos Cheerleaders website to order a copy and to find out more about each and every one of the of the ladies giving the Broncos their spirit this season. — Laura Kelley, special to Metromix